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5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Seem Big

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-06-29 7:30 am --

In a business landscape dominated by big-box stores and major brands, small businesses can often feel like small fish in an oversized pond. Yet, small businesses actually have a lot of advantages over their larger competitors, not least of which is that customers widely report preferring small businesses. In order to make your company stand out, you need to focus on making your brand seem bigger than it really is. Here are some tips to inflate your brand within your region and draw more customers to your store.

  1. Offer low prices. Ask yourself, why are people patronizing large establishments when many openly proclaim they prefer the small business experience? The answer is pricing. Small businesses are notorious for charging higher prices than their larger competitors, since the maintenance and operational costs are so much more. The key to offering low prices, while still maintaining high profit margins, is by keeping your overhead expenses low and accessing the best deals on merchandise. Find a top quality wholesale supplier that can help you get the best prices on merchandise, so you can offer your customers prices that compete with big-name brands.
  2. Focus on one niche. If you focus heavily on one particular niche, you’ll be able to spread your message more widely and be present at more local events. By spreading your efforts too thin, you’ll exceed your own capacity and end up being invisible in all of your niches. On the other hand, by honing in on a specific niche, you can show up to all related events in your area and build a name for yourself in that particular industry.
  3. Build a social presence. Every large brand has a social media presence, and social media provides a phenomenal tool for small businesses to spread their brand name on a wider scale. Maintain an active presence on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, so you can connect with more customers and increase your visibility.
  4. Don’t take your business name lightly. Your business name is the face of your company, and it needs to be chosen with care and precision. Your business name needs to be sharp, clever, and easy to remember. It also needs to be highly searchable in search engines, so customers can find your website easily. Steer clear of generic names, as these may be difficult to find on Google.
  5. Have a business address. In a highly digital age, many businesses don’t have a physical address. Perhaps you’re running your small business from home or perhaps your employees all work remotely. Lacking a physical address looks unprofessional to customers and will detract from your marketing abilities. Without an address, you can’t get a listing on Yelp or local business listings, which will reduce your overall visibility. If need be, purchase a P.O. box from your nearby post office, so you can list a physical mailing address on all business cards and marketing materials.

Operating a small business is a daunting task, particularly in a world that seems dominated by big brands. But fear not, as many customers report preferring small businesses over their big-name competitors. You simply need to find a way to stand out among consumers, increase visibility, and offer the same value as the top brands. By purchasing your supplies and merchandise in bulk from top name venders, you’ll be able to price your products fairly and beat out even the largest of competitors. Contact us today, and see how we can partner with your small business and equip you for success.