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5 Ways to Motivate Volunteer Fundraisers

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-05-09 5:00 am --

With the rise in popularity and increasing sophistication of new technologies for nonprofit fundraising, the way we raise money is changing. And with that change comes a new set of challenges, such as how to motivate and engage volunteer fundraisers for digital campaigns.

It can be difficult to work with volunteers remotely, so here are 5 tips to motivate your fundraisers during crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaigns, and keep them excited about what they’re accomplishing.

Have a Plan

First, have a plan in place for how you want to communicate with your volunteers. Think of different scenarios and have a contingency plan for each potential situation. For example, how will you help a volunteer fundraiser who isn’t raising much money or who will be the point of contact for technical issues?

Thinking through these issues ahead of time will help you to be fully prepared when your campaign launches.

Offer Support

In addition to a plan for dealing with different issues that may arise, you’ll also need to offer support to your fundraisers.

Supplying things like training, a timeline for their campaign and sample copy for emails and social media posts sets your volunteer fundraisers up for success.

Once your volunteers launch their campaigns, continue to support them by being available to answer questions and give advice. Using technologies like Facebook or Reddit Ask Me Anything can be a fun and convenient way to field questions.

Be a Cheerleader

Cheering your fundraisers on lets them know that you’re in this together and their efforts are not going unappreciated.

Along with general support on the how-to of your campaign, be sure to offer emotional support, too. Something as simple as a quick email to let them know they’re doing a great job and that you’re available if they need you can go a long way.

Thank Your Volunteers

Be sure to thank your volunteers before, during and after their campaigns. Find creative and personal ways to thank them.

Simple ways to show your gratitude for their participation are a leader board, shout on social media, a phone call or a handwritten note.

Offer prizes

Benchmark incentives can be another way to keep your volunteers excited about their fundraising campaigns. The secret to offering gifts and prizes that your fundraisers will get excited about is knowing what makes them tick and what appeals to them. Refer to your donor persona and don’t be afraid to survey your supporters to get a sense of what they want.

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