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$5,000 Non-Profit Give-a-way Winners! June 2012

-- 2012-07-13 4:00 am --

Our non-profit give-a-way in June was a huge success! We had over 3,700 entries and 1,000's of charities were nominated to win part of the $5,000 prize. Entries came in from across the country. Many people posted the contest on their Facebook page and really helped support the give-way.

Here are the winners:

Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC - 1st Place $2,000 in merchandise

Al Maun Fund in Atlantic City, NJ - 2nd Place $1,000 in merchandise

For A Better Tomorrow in Highland Ranch, CO - 3rd Place - $500 in merchandise

Molly's Adopt a Sailor nationwide - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

Project Sweetpeas in Belle Vernon, PA - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

Soldiers Angels nationwide - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

The Little Light House in Tulsa, OK -4th Place $100 in merchandise

Backpack of Blessings - Holy Spirit Ministries, Inc - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project - Stafford, VA - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

Trails For Hope - Cleveland, OH - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

Adopt-A-Bull Reuse - Coral Springs, FL - 4th Place $100 in merchandise

We are in the process of contacting eight additional 4th place winners. Please understand many of the winning non-profits are small so it often takes a while to contact them. We will update this post with the other winners as we contact them.

We wish to thank everyone that nominated a non-profit in our $5,000 give-a-way. Tell you what, if everyone keeps nominating we will keep having these monthly charitable give-a-ways. Sound like a deal?



For a Better Tomorrow