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6 Tips to Thrive as an Online Reseller

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-03-11 8:00 am --

In today’s turbulent economy, many have turned to self-employment as a means of getting by. Selling goods online has the potential to be quite lucrative, while also offering an enjoyable career path that enables you to work from home. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to build a steady supply of customers and retain your customers over the years. Here are some tips to ramp up sales and improve your online reselling business.

  1. Plan your mailing trips. You can save a lot of time by planning your trips to the mail center methodically. Depending on your quantity of sales, pick one to three specific days each week to mail all orders you’ve collected up to that point. If you use USPS for a lot of your deliveries, they actually have an option to pick up deliveries for Priority and Express packages, saving you even more time.
  2. Find the lowest bulk prices. Compare a variety of online retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your merchandise. For popular items, stock up in advance. The more you purchase at a time, the lower price you can get per item, allowing you to increase your profit margin.
  3. Weigh all packages. Prior to heading to the mail center, weigh your packages from home. Depending on weight, it may be only slightly more expensive to mail the package Priority. The slight price increase is worth it considering it will reach its destination sooner and leave a good impression on the buyer.
  4. Focus heavily on customer service. About 70 percent of companies report that they are able to retain existing customers for less money than it costs to find new customers. By focusing heavily on customer service and providing superb products, you can boost the satisfaction of clients and reduce your marketing expenses.
  5. Price fairly. Determining pricing is important, and it needs to be a fair balance for both you and the customer. If your profit margin is too high, you’ll drive away customers who will search for lower prices. If your profit margin is too low, you’ll have difficulty selling enough products to meet your financial goals. Compare each product to industry standards to ensure your pricing model remains competitive.
  6. Add a personal touch. Customers strongly desire personalization, and yet many businesses fail to provide the personalized service that customers seek. Stand out from your competitors by offering an additional level of care and personalization with every sale. Send a follow up email after each purchase ensuring the customer received their package in good condition, and encourage them to provide any positive or negative feedback. For loyal customers, consider offering special gifts anytime they hit certain milestones, like purchasing $200 worth of merchandise in a month.

Operating as an online reseller has a lot of benefits, enabling people to work from home, pick their own hours, and have more control over their earnings. Yet, it can often be difficult to get started and sell enough products to support yourself. By emphasizing great customer service, reducing overhead costs, and purchasing all of your products for the lowest prices, you can thrive selling online goods. Browse a wide selection of products and merchandise at the lowest bulk prices today, so you can boost your profit margin, while keeping prices competitive.