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6 Ways Nonprofits Can Fuel Their Fundraising Efforts

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-01-15 10:15 am --

With the beginning of a fiscal year, your nonprofit can get a fresh start by innovating new and creative ways to enhance your fundraising abilities. Successful fundraisers need to be fun, creative, innovative, and engaging in order to draw support from as many people as possible. Here are some fundraising tips to help you ramp up your efforts and raise more money for your organization.

  1. Organize minor donor groups. Just like major donor groups, minor donor groups are groups that give money to your organization on a consistent basis. However, they typically donate smaller amounts of money, often less than $500 per year. Be sure to offer added incentives to your donor groups such as custom newsletters, membership benefits, and coupons.

  2. Recruit subscribers. By getting people to subscribe to your nonprofit, you can receive consistent donations every month. At the end of each e-newsletter, write a call to action that encourages people to sign up for a monthly donation.

  3. Host a fashion show. Many nonprofits have a thrift store to accompany their organization. Consider hosting a fashion show to raise money for your nonprofit in a fun and unique way. Pick out the quirkiest and goofiest outfits that have been donated throughout the year, and have volunteers model those outfits at the fashion show. By charging admission to the event, you can raise a lot of funds quickly, while providing great entertainment and creating a positive reputation for your organization.

  4. Throw an auction. Auctions are fun, engaging, and will likely draw a crowd of people. Instead of auctioning off physical items, however, consider auctioning the services of your organization. For instance, if your nonprofit provides shelter to animals, you could auction off dog food for the animals. Those that place the highest bid can be rewarded with a certificate showing how much dog food their donation purchased for your shelter pets. It not only engages your donors on a deeper level, but it enables them to choose exactly what aspect of your organization their money is going toward, which will likely increase their willingness to give.

  5. Host a raffle. Raffles are a great way to raise money for an organization, while rewarding the contributor for donating. Consider hosting a monthly raffle, choosing a new prize each time. Just be sure the prize costs less money than you make in ticket sales. Buy prizes in bulk to get the lowest prices possible, so you boost the profit margin of your raffle.

  6. Have a virtual race. Races have always been a popular way to raise money, but unfortunately they are restricted by weather and location. With the tech-savvy generation we live in, almost everything has gone virtual, and now people can run races virtually as well. With a virtual race, participants will still be expected to secure pledges in advance, as well as pay a registration fee, and they’ll still receive a t-shirt for their participation. The difference is, instead of gathering in a specific location, all contestants will run in their own location, while timing themselves, and reporting back to your organization. The concept is growing in popularity across the nation and has actually proven to be a successful fundraising idea for nonprofits.

Consistently raising funds is perhaps the most difficult aspect of operating a nonprofit. There are a lot of unique ways you can boost your fundraising potential and increase the annual donations for your organization. The key is to be creative and to fundraise in ways that provide value to donors. Events, entertainment, auctions, and raffles, are all ways you can directly engage the public and increase the participation of your community members.