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7 Supplies Every Summer Camp Should Have on Hand

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-04-20 9:00 am --
Just a few more weeks and children across the U.S. will be finishing up the last days of school before the excitement of summer sets in. Summer camps should have already set to work preparing their camp for the coming summer. There is an endless list of supplies that every summer camp needs to have on hand, but some supplies are more critical than others and can greatly determine the quality of experience for children. Here are some of the primary supplies every summer camp should stock in abundance.
  1. First aid supplies: Children are notorious for getting injured, and first aid supplies are critical to keeping wounds clean and sanitary. First aid kits should be kept in all cabins, lunch rooms, and public areas, so children can receive immediate care upon injury.
  2. Hygiene supplies: Children often forget hygiene supplies or don’t pack enough, so it’s critical to keep extras on hand. Be sure to keep a steady supply of feminine hygiene products as well.
  3. Batteries: Batteries are often cited as the most forgotten item, and yet, they are needed for a variety of camping supplies. Be sure to have extra batteries on hand for any campers that forgot to bring enough.
  4. Dress up clothes: Depending on the age of your campers, dress up clothing and costumes are fairly essential to supply. Children need to be able to engage in imaginative play, as it promotes socialization and creativity, while playing a vital role in cognitive development.
  5. Art supplies: No matter the genre of camp, art supplies are essential to have on hand. Engaging in arts and crafts is a meditative activity that calms children, while engaging them mentally. Studies indicate it can considerably enhance the cognitive abilities of youth. Have a variety of arts and crafts supplies, including painting, drawing, and papier-mâché materials. Keep in mind not all children are artistically inclined, so it’s a good idea to have coloring books for children who prefer to color, rather than drawing pictures from scratch.
  6. Snacks: Children need to eat more frequently than adults to maintain their focus and remain healthy. Snacks are a critical part of managing the hunger of children, which can influence their mood and the way they interact with other children. At least two snack periods should be provided every day, offering nutritious and filling snacks like nuts, granola bars, fruit leather, or crackers.
  7. Books: Scheduled reading time is a good idea for all campers, and books should always be on the list of recommended items for parents. Nonetheless, many parents forget to pack books for their children, so it’s important to always have extras on hand. Keep in mind, many children are reading above or below their current grade level, so you need to stock books that cater to a variety of age groups.

Kids are eagerly anticipating the harmonious ring of the final school bell that signals summer break. Many parents choose to send their kids to summer camp to keep them engaged over the summer, so they are continually learning and growing. To be successful as a summer camp, you need to ensure you’re stocked well in advance. There are many critical items that parents forget to pack for their children, and to make sure all kids have everything they need, you need to keep extras on hand. Click here to search a variety of bulk camp items at low prices, and prepare your camp for the stampede of children to come.