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7 Tips for a Successful School Crowdfunding Campaign

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-06-06 5:00 am --

Crowdfunding for schools has increased in popularity in recent years and with good reason. With all the new technologies available to schools, such as social media and online fundraising platforms, crowdfunding campaigns can be a preferable alternative to wrapping paper sales or gift catalogs.

Here are 7 tips for a successful school crowdfunding campaign to get you started.

Be Specific

The first step to an effective crowdfunding campaign is to set an achievable goal that relates to a specific outcome. For example, raising $10,000 for new computers or to fund field trips for students.

Have a Plan

Not all crowdfunding campaigns are successful, and in fact, around 60% fail to achieve their goals. However, there is a simple reason for most campaign failures: many people underestimate the amount of planning and preparation needed for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Before you launch, think through every aspect of your campaign, create a timeline for activities and prepare your outreach materials. Once you launch, you’ll be glad you put in the work ahead of time.

Get creative

One advantage of crowdfunding for your school is that there are so many fun ways to fundraise with your students. Fundraisers such as a Read-a-Thons, a school picnic, Rubber Duck Race or cookbook are all fun ways for students, teachers and parents to participate.

Make a video

The one thing that all successful crowdfunding campaigns have in common are the inclusion of video. Video can be an incredibly powerful way to tell your story and demonstrate the impact that your campaign will have for your students.

Engage your students

Getting your students excited about your fundraiser is key to a successful crowdfunding campaign. When you launch your campaign, have a plan for communicating about your fundraiser to your students, such as through an assembly, morning announcements and classroom presentations.

During your campaign, keep the excitement going with a leader board and goal thermometer in a highly visible location so your students can see their progress.

Support Your Participants

It’s likely that most people involved in your school crowdfunding campaign will be inexperienced, and will therefore need lots of support to help them succeed. During the planning phase of your fundraising campaign, create necessary materials for your students, parents and teachers.

Consider the best ways to communicate with your participants, for example via email or a PTA meeting, and distribute your campaign materials accordingly.

Provide Incentives

One of the best ways to motivate your fundraising participants is through incentives and prizes. Whether it’s a pizza party or a t-shirt, find something that will get your students and parents excited about your school’s crowdfunding campaign.

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