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7 Tips to Throw an Epic Holiday Party

By: Maria Werner-- 2015-12-11 10:10 am --

Everyone can through a holiday party, but it requires skill and precision to throw a memorable party that is reminisced about for decades afterward. Rather than just throwing a generic party comprised of goofy sweaters, strategically placed mistletoe, and unsavory fruitcakes, this year opt for an epic party that will become the archetype of all future holiday extravaganzas. Here are some tips to throw a holiday party so epic, the whole town will be buzzing with excitement.

  1. Plan the location as early as possible. The location is critical to throwing an epic holiday party. It determines the occupancy, the entertainment options, and the atmosphere of the venue. If you’re throwing the party in your home, you’ll need to prepare the rooms in advance. Be sure to remove any expensive or fragile items beforehand and clear the area of furniture, so people have optimal room to dance and let loose. If you plan to host the party at a venue, you may need to book it several weeks in advance to ensure it’s available on your preferred day. Consider requesting fees for admittance to offset the costs of the venue.
  2. Get invites out early. The holiday season is a hectic time, and by sending out invites too late in the month, many will already have plans. Send invitations out as early as feasible and encourage RSVPs, so you can adequately prepare for your guests.
  3. Pick a holiday theme. The quality of any party is largely determined by its ambiance. People are subtly influenced by their surroundings, and studies suggest that colors and artwork can impact a person’s mood, creativity, and energy levels. By utilizing bright colors, attractive décor, and an engaging theme, you can invigorate your guests and boost morale.
  4. Make it potluck-style. The best way to ruin a great party is by running out of food and refreshments. Yet, preparing food for an entire party requires exorbitant amounts of time and money, both of which are scarcities these days. Simplify your party planning by requiring all attendees to bring a dish. This will ensure there is more than enough food to go around, and you won’t be inundated with leftovers and dishwashing duties at the end of the night.
  5. Don’t forget the entertainment. While some folks consider a party an event in itself, they’re the type of people who never throw memorable parties. To throw a party that stands out among the rest, unique and engaging entertainment is vital. Consider hiring a band to play at the party or recruiting your musically-inclined friends to showcase their talents. Talent shows and karaoke nights are both cheap and fun ways to engage a room full of people, while rousing the imagination of your guests.
  6. Be spontaneous. Predictability is the mark of a lame party that will soon be forgotten. To make your party stand out, incorporate spontaneity and impromptu fun. Drag the gang outside for a midnight snowball fight or surprise your guests with an unannounced performer. By keeping people on their toes, they’ll be more upbeat and captivated, while having scenes from your party permanently etched in their brains.  
  7. Don’t invite too many. In the movies, the average house party is depicted as having hundreds of people crammed inside a room, as the dance floor rapidly devolves into a mosh pit of sweaty, delirious attendees. In reality, nobody likes overcrowded parties, and a truly epic party is characterized by quality, not quantity. You want to have enough people that the conversations flow freely through the night, without inviting so many people that your guests have to push through hordes of bodies just to find the punch bowl.

Holiday parties are a great time to let loose, catch up with old friends, and release the stresses of the workweek. An epic party requires ample space, an array of food and beverages, a memorable theme and décor, and entertainment that will keep people animated and enthusiastic throughout the night. However, planning an awesome party requires time and money to make it a success. Cut the costs of your holiday party by purchasing all of the decorations and supplies in bulk. With low prices on a variety of wholesale holiday decorations and party supplies, you can turn your living room into a gorgeous winter wonderland, without burning through your entire Christmas budget.