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8 Fool-Proof Tactics for Raking in the Most Christmas Sales

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-07 7:00 am --

Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to make a killing at Christmas, while others are deserted in the storm? A lot of it boils down to the strategy businesses are employing to attract customers and incentivize spending. Here are some tested strategies that will help retailers generate more sales and enjoy a merrier Christmas. 

  1. You need to give to receive.

To generate more sales, you need to get into the Christmas spirit by showing some seasonal generosity. Offer to donate a portion of every sale to charity, and watch your total sales skyrocket.

  1. Offer free shipping for online purchases.

Keep in mind, Christmas is the season to stay indoors and sip cocoa. If you truly want to generate sales, you need to be prepared to handle an influx of online business. Offer free shipping on all orders exceeding $50, so consumers will have an incentive to spend more money upfront.

  1. Decorate your online store, too!

It’s obvious that your physical location should be decorated for Christmas, but fewer businesses add a Christmas theme to their website. Have you noticed that Google’s logo tends to constantly change based on the season, the holiday, or current trends? This serves a distinct marketing purpose and can actually influence consumer behavior. Cater to your customers’ aesthetic tastes by adding a festive theme to your website this Christmas.

  1. Special occasions call for special offers.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to offer your customers a little extra. Use Christmas as an opportunity to incentivize spending through promotional sales, or to reward loyal customers for their continued business.

  1. Tell your customer how much they mean to you.

If you want to attract more customers, you need to tell them that you care. By sending out a seasonal holiday card to wish your customers a happy holidays and invite them to your store, you can connect with them on a more personal level and increase their likelihood of patronizing your establishment.

  1. Offer to wrap gifts for free.

Gift wrapping is a dreaded chore for most people, and people are drawn to stores that offer to wrap gifts for free. Be sure to make it evident on all promotional materials and window displays that you offer complimentary gift wrapping with purchases, so consumers know where to go to buy their gifts in a pinch.

  1. Prepare yourself for last-minute shoppers.

Procrastination is a common theme in this country, primarily due to how busy the average American is. As such, your business needs to cater to these common procrastinators by offering a lot of last-minute gift ideas.

  1. Get into the holiday spirit!

The key to drumming up Christmas business is by decorating your store and demonstrating your love for the holidays. With Christmas lights indoors and out, a Christmas tree to set the scene, and plentiful décor, people will be drawn into your store from the start. Deck the halls of your retail store with an abundance of attractive Christmas lights and décor. Click here to start browsing today.