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8 Must Haves For Baby's First Year

-- 2011-06-09 4:00 am --

The first year with your baby can be a magical time, filled with wonder and awe. Then you have to change that first diaper and realize just how much stuff you need to keep your little one happy. Here are eight important items to have on hand for your new addition for their first year of life.

1.) Feeding Supplies

In their first year, babies typically gain 10 inches in height, triple their body weight and double the size of their brains. It takes a lot of food to fuel all that growth and many different tools to get that food into baby’s mouth. From spoons to bottles to sippy cups, keeping baby’s tummy full can take a lot of gear.

2.) Diapers

What goes in must also come out. Babies not only need diapers, but they need a lot of them! The average newborn can go through up to 10 diapers per day, so you will want to have a large supply on hand to keep your baby’s bottom nice and dry.

3.) Baby Wash

Along with feeding and changing your baby, you will also want to keep baby clean and smelling sweet. Bathtime with a nicely scented baby wash also has the added bonus of helping lull baby to sleep. What could be better than a clean and sleeping baby?

4.) Baby Blankets

Once you finally get your little angel to sleep, you’ll need a nice soft blanket to keep them warm and snuggly. Studies have shown that blanket swaddled newborns can sleep longer and more restfully, but swaddling also keeps your baby on their back, the safest sleep position for newborns.

5.) Baby Toys

When they are not eating, filling their diapers, or sleeping, babies need activities to stimulate their minds and keep them entertained. Rattles can help babies develop their hearing and hand eye coordination.

6.) Teething Ora Gel

Between 4 and 7 months of age, you might notice your baby drooling and gnawing on anything they can get into their mouth. These are signs that your baby is cutting their first tooth which can be very uncomfortable for baby. Using a topical gum pain reliever like Ora Gel can give your baby a little relief.

7.) Medicine Dropper

During their first year of life, most babies will face some sort of minor illness, from ear infections to colds. When prescribed medicines, babies must take them in very small quantities and require special tools in order to help them take the medicine.

8.) Cabinet And Drawer Safety Latches

Eventually, your little one will take their first steps and the real fun begins. Make sure to keep your baby safe by securing cabinets and drawers from busy little fingers with safety latches.