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9 Ways Small Businesses Can Throw a New Year’s Bash on a Budget

By: Maria Werner-- 2015-12-18 2:26 pm --

Office parties have become a widely anticipated tradition, with employers expected to provide parties to their staff.  Nonetheless, finding the resources for a work party is challenging for small business owners, particularly when their profit margin is low. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to reduce the cost of your office party, so you can reward your employees with a New Year’s bash, while remaining within your allotted budget.

  1. Organize free entertainment. Entertainment can be pricey, but it forms the foundation of every great party. Consider hosting a talent show and providing employees with the opportunity to share their talents. A talent show encourages the creativity and engagement of staff, while having a negligible impact on the overall budget.
  2. Hold the party at the office. The most expensive aspect of throwing a party is securing the venue. By hosting the party at your place of work, you can considerably decrease costs.
  3. Host a potluck. Purchasing food and beverages for all of your employees is bound to add up quickly. By hosting a potluck, you can eliminate the cost of food, while offering a diverse array of dishes that everyone can enjoy.
  4. Buy party platters. You can reduce the cost per meal by purchasing large party platters of sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres, allowing you to feed more people for less money.
  5. Find cheap décor and supplies. A party isn’t a party without décor. For employees to be able to let loose and forget about work, it’s important to decorate the office in a way that detracts from the traditional work vibe and creates a fun and relaxing ambiance. Find cheap party supplies and décor, such as cups, ribbons, confetti, and banners, at budget prices. Then you can create a festive and celebratory atmosphere without overspending on decorations.
  6. Make decorations by hand. Instead of purchasing all of your decorations, make as much as possible by hand. It will allow you to save money, while providing employees with a fun task leading up to the party.
  7. Allow a plus-one. After going through the trouble of organizing a party, you want your employees to show up. However, if the party is on a Friday or Saturday evening, many employees would prefer to go out with a friend or partner. By allowing all employees to bring a plus-one, you can increase attendance and improve the morale of your staff.
  8. Choose a signature drink. Alcohol is expected at most office parties, and yet it can rapidly become a crippling expense. Instead of offering a range of alcoholic beverages, come up with a signature mixed drink to provide the guests. Then all you need is the ingredients for a single drink, and your guests can enjoy alcohol without breaking the budget.
  9. Use a personalized radio station. Personalized radio stations, like Pandora and Songza, provide you with a diverse array of tunes without the disruptive commercials. Pick a station that is widely popular, like classic rock or pop, and have your free deejay automatically select the tunes throughout the night.

A New Year’s party is a great way to increase employee morale, create a fun work environment, and demonstrate your appreciation to the staff that make your business possible. However, for small businesses that lack superfluous capital, throwing an office party can be more stressful than it’s worth. By implementing these tips, you can throw a massive holiday bash without exceeding your overhead budget. Explore the best New Year’s supplies and decorations at the lowest available prices, and throw your staff the party they deserve.