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A Beginner’s Guide to Mannequins

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-12-30 7:12 am --
 For consumers, in-store shopping is a multi-faceted experience that engages all five of their senses. Aesthetics are widely considered to be the most important aspect of store design, as the visual design and layout of a store can work to subconsciously influence the emotions of your customers. When using store mannequins, it’s important to bear in mind the importance of aesthetic design. Here’s a beginner’s guide to using mannequins in your store to impress your customers and sell more products.

The Use of Color Is Vital

It has long been known that colors impact mood. According to Psychology Today, the reason for this phenomenon is likely cultural. From the time of our birth, we are inundated with colors and ideas about these colors, which collectively shape the way we experience certain colors. When colors like pink and purple become so highly associated women in our culture, those colors become instantly be associated with femininity. When the color black is strongly associated with death and funerals, it tends to impart a somber and serious tone.

The ways in which you use color with your mannequins should be determined based on the type of energy you’re trying to create in your store. For example, if your goal is to sell your hottest new summer lines, your mannequins should be wearing summer colors like vibrant yellows and oranges, as opposed to colors associated with winter, like blue and gray.

Mirror Your Customers

Customers ultimately look at mannequins as a reflection of themselves. When they see a mannequin, they immediately imagine how they would look wearing a similar ensemble. Because of this, it’s wise to offer mannequins with few, if any, distinct features, as it enables the viewer to visualize the mannequin with their own unique features. Avoid mannequins with realistic features, like hair or eye color. With bland mannequins lacking in distinct features, you’re essentially offering customers a blank slate that can serve as a reflection of themselves.

Show Products in Action

Mannequins are more than just a hanger for your clothing designs. They can show the clothing in action, which provides the viewer with more room for imagination. If your mannequin is modeling yoga pants, have it posed in a classic yoga position. If it’s wearing a swimsuit, have it holding a beach ball while wearing a sunhat and shades. By showing products in action, you can reach your customers on a deeper level, showing them not only how they’ll look in your clothing but how much fun they’ll have wearing it as well.

Mannequins are a highly effective marketing strategy that can improve the visual design of your store and provide consumers with an interactive shopping experience. However, in order for your mannequins to successfully sell the products they wear, it’s essential to implement some key best practices. Developing aesthetically pleasing store designs starts with the right supplies. At DollarDays, we offer great prices on bulk mannequin sets, so you can get everything you need to develop intricate and attractive store displays right away. Visit our store to start browsing.