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A Frugal Night on the Town, Anywhere U.S.A.

-- 2011-04-26 4:00 am --

Spring is here and many people start to get the itch to do something; anything, but the poor economy has every-ones wallets screaming for mercy. Taking a trip, going out to dinner, even seeing a movie seems out of reach. Adopting a frugal living lifestyle may be just the ticket, no pun intended. All you need is a little pre-planning and good resources to have a night on the town the frugal living way.

Frugal living does not mean you have to compromise. Merely look for more inventive ways to stretch your dollar. Livingsocial.com is part of a growing number of Internet sites that offer deals at local restaurants, bars, spas, theaters and even entertainment for the kids. Many restaurant deals offer a forty-dollar voucher for fifty percent off the retail. Once purchased the buyer will receive a link on the next business day. The voucher can then be printed.

Groupon.com is another popular site that promises huge discounts for their customers. The Groupon sites offer a daily deal, where each day the site sends you one deeply discounted deal for a local business. Of course there is a time and quantity limit when purchasing vouchers. Some online sites offer something called “share for a free deal” in which the buyer is allowed to share the deal with others after purchase. In many cases the frugal person comes out cost-free concerning the item. Groupon sites involve no signup fees. This makes them a valuable resource for frugal living. Keep track of your coupons by using CityPockets.com

If you are not such a great planner, never fear, you too can find help. Many towns have a dollar theater with prices as lows as 50% below what the large chain cinemas are charging. For the frugal living lifestyle this is a dream come true. These theaters often show the same new release movies as the higher priced cinemas, and with competing sound and picture quality. An average family of four can purchase tickets, drinks, and even spring for large popcorn, all for around twenty bucks. This price pared with discounted concessions is a real find for the frugal living consumer.

Another form of entrainment on the comeback is the drive-in theater. To locate a hometown option, try Driveinmovie.com. For the cost of one admission per car, the typical frugal living patron gets to enjoy two movies for the price of one. Patrons are even permitted to bring a picnic dinner complete with candles. By providing a romantic, if not nostalgic, under the sky view, drive-in theaters offer an alternative to the normal entrainment world.

Join us in the advancement of a frugal lifestyle. Share your unique ideas and tips on family, life, relationships, and money saving ways to build better memories. Tells us about your experience at the dollar theater or a half price visit to the spa or even a family night at the local drive-in theater.