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Adults Are Crazy for Coloring: Cashing in on the Adult Coloring Book Trend

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-03-18 2:43 pm --

Coloring is no longer just a pastime for children. Grownups have been buying up coloring books in record numbers, and coloring is rapidly becoming the trending new hobby of adults. What is it about coloring books that is enrapturing adults everywhere? As it turns out, they actually offer a lot of psychological benefits.

The Psychological Benefits of Coloring
Being an adult comes with its share of stresses, so why is it that only kids get to unwind with coloring? One of the main draws of adult coloring books is the stress-relieving benefits they provide. The American Art Therapy Association has long posted that art can be a great form of self-expression, while improving the mental health of both children and adults. Art therapy can be used to ease anxiety, improve self-esteem, enhance social skills, strengthen fine motor skills, and even aid people in working through their grief.

Yet, not everyone excels at art, and for those lacking in natural artistic abilities, creating art from scratch can be intimidating. With adult coloring books, all adults can experience the benefits of art therapy, even if they lack artistic ability. The simple act of coloring can still the mind and reduce anxiety. Research conducted in 2005 discovered that coloring mandalas significantly lowered the stress levels of adults, despite the fact that ordinary doodling had no effect.

How Does Coloring Reduce Mental Stress?
The concept of coloring is very similar to the benefits of meditation and exercise. It requires the complete focus of the participant, allowing them to turn off their internal dialogue and focus entirely on the present moment. In turn, they can escape from the stresses of their day and enjoy increased peace and relaxation. While meditation has long been shown to reduce stress, many find it difficult to clear their head on their own. An adult coloring book provides people with an additional element to focus on, so they can slow their thoughts and enjoy the complete benefits of meditation.

What Coloring Utensils Should Be Used?
While Crayons are reminiscent of childhood and can release the inhibitions of adults, they aren’t ideal for coloring. Adult coloring books often contain intricate patterns, and people can achieve greater precision with colored pencils or markers.

How Can Your Store Maximize on the Adult Coloring Book Trend?
The trend of adult coloring books is gaining momentum, and it’s currently the largest trend in publishing. As of the end of 2015, nine out of the top 20 bestselling books on Amazon were adult coloring books. Whether you’re an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, selling adult coloring books will allow you to expand your product offerings and tap into a wildly lucrative niche. With over dozens of different coloring books to choose from, you can offer your customers a diverse array of coloring patterns and genres, as well as colored markers and pencils.  

The adult coloring phase is sweeping the world, as adults seek new hobbies to help them unwind and shake the stresses of the day. Every retail store can benefit from offering coloring books near the checkout line. To browse an array of adult coloring books at the lowest prices, click here.