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Affordable Fashion Accessories

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-04-29 9:00 pm --

Greetings fashionistas! If you are one of the many shoppers still out there gathering together the few touches of your Spring/Summer wardrobe together, listen here! DollarDays has the down-low on the must haves of this season’s accessory trends that don’t break the bank!

This season’s wholesale accessories are all about bold and edgy statements. Looking at jewelry, one of the biggest trends this we’ve seen this season are rock-and-roll inspired jewelry such as chains and studs but with a feminine touch. Mixing these with large plastic jewelry pieces and will be very common. The best part is, this type jewelry, especially the plastic pieces, can be found for low prices just about anywhere!

"Natural" accessories will also be large this season and will comes across in many of the jewelry pieces, hats and footwear. The use of straw materials are some most common within natural accessories and can be found mostly on hats and the wedges of many shoes. Natural jewelry pieces such as the classic surf style shell necklace will be another affordable, great-looking piece this season.

Now getting onto patterns and prints this season. Animalistic patterns are all the rage this spring/summer and you can find these prints on scarves, stockings, knee length socks, and shoes. These safari-like prints can be matched beautifully with the natural accessories mentioned earlier. Imagine, going out in your favorite summer dress and pairing it with a leopard printed scarf and a perky straw hat! Scarves for the spring and summer seasons don’t need to be thick and heavy like winter scarves, therefore, you kind find many light, warm weathered scarves at affordable prices.

One of the biggest fads this spring/summer is fringe. Fringe can be found on many of the clothing pieces this season but in term of accessories, you can find it on many of the handbags. Now besides seeing fringe on handbags, the biggest trend for handbags this season has been smaller, shoulder bags. A purse that fits all your essentials and goes comfortable under your arm has taken the place of top handled and/or larger bags. Here at DollarDays we have many beautiful designer wholesale handbags that will go wonderfully with the rest of your incredible wardrobe for the season!