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Are Pop-Up Halloween Stores Profitable?

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-08-24 7:00 am --

With Halloween just a couple months away, Halloween pop-up shops are already appearing around the neighborhood. It begs the question, do these pop-up shops make practical business sense, even if they’re only open a couple months out of the year? Well, it depends on how you approach it. 

Don’t Make It Your Only Gig

While some party supply stores and costume shops are open year-round, others open in anticipation of Halloween, hoping to cash-in on the monster madness. With over $5 billion in consumer spending, there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs. Some people open up temporary retail locations, while others set up costume kiosks in the mall, and some simply dedicate an aisle or shelf in their store to Halloween. If you’re planning on setting up a Halloween pop-up shop, it can be profitable. However, it may not be enough to pull in an income year-round.

Be Wise with Your Chosen Rental and Space

If you’re going to make a pop-up shop successful, it needs to be both strategically located and cost-effective. Since you’ll only be there for a short time, you won’t have the ability to gradually gain momentum like the average business. Instead, you need to be located in an obvious enough place that people will know you exist immediately, and word of mouth can bring you steady business. Areas such as strip malls, shopping malls, and popular shopping centers are ideal. As for cost-effective options, be realistic about the profit you expect to create. For entrepreneurs, it may be wise to start with a small kiosk inside the mall, rather than renting an entire store for a brief duration.

Market Yourself Widely

Since you’ll be open for a brief period of time, you need to get the message out about your store immediately. Focus heavily on your marketing strategy and create a local buzz about your pop-up shop in the weeks before you open. Connect with local customers via social media to pique the interest of nearby shoppers.

Choose Your Product Line Wisely

You only have a short time to impress your shoppers, and you’ll be relying predominantly on word-of-mouth marketing. Before ordering your product selection, conduct intensive research on all Halloween-related trends. What are the hottest costumes this year? Which age groups are most likely to celebrate? What types of décor are most popular? Get the inside scoop on the latest trends, so you can stock the most sought-after items.

Partner with the Right Wholesale Supplier

The key to making any business venture profitable is by partnering with the right companies. The wholesale supplier you choose will become a close ally in the success of your business, so you need to choose a supplier wisely. Find a supplier that offers all of the Halloween costumes and decorations you need to thrive, while offering low bulk prices and incredible service.

At DollarDays, our goal is to support small businesses in their growth by providing an extensive array of exceptional merchandise at the lowest wholesale prices. We view each client as a relationship to be nurtured, which is why we strive to continually exceed the expectations of our clients. Visit our Halloween Store to get your store started off on the right foot.