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Back To Basics At Home

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-06-03 8:00 am --

We are all looking for new places to save money. After cutting back on the extras, we start looking at the money we spend on the necessities. One area we can not escape spending money on is our home. Taking care of our home may not be an option, but how much it costs can be. A few simple steps and a few key ingredients can help you to clean and maintain your house and save you money!

Humans are messy
They always have been, and they always will be. That messiness has not changed, but everyday there seems to be a new product on the shelves to clean it up. Our grandparents did not need all these choices. And we do not need them either. Stock up on baking soda, vinegar, soap, borax, washing soda and lemon juice and you will have the solution to anything from dirty floors to grimy windows. Each of these costs pennies per use and none of them are toxic, making them earth friendly, too. Some even serve double duty in the kitchen as part of many recipes. Just combine lemon juice or vinegar with baking soda and you will see a simple, nontoxic chemical reaction that will clean everything from a clogged garbage disposal to the grout on tile floors.

Cleaning up goes beyond floors and windows
For most of us, laundry is an ongoing battle. The piles never seem to end, making laundry detergent a necessary expense. But there is a way to wash a years worth of clothes for the cost of two bottles of detergent! These recipes have been around for years and show how simple saving money can be.

Being frugal is not only for the indoors
It is just as simple and inexpensive to take care of your yard. You can save a lot of money by making your own pesticides and insecticides. Mix soap and water in a spray bottle and regularly spray your plants. This will keep aphids and other bugs from eating their leaves. You can add garlic to add an additional deterrent. The never ending problem of ants can be fixed by pouring boiling water over the mound or by treating them with a mixture made of equal parts of borax and sugar. You already have what you need to enjoy being outside without the frustration and pain of unwanted guests!

We all want to care for our homes and gardens and protect the environment. Special organic products are very expensive and make going green seem out of reach. But many natural ingredients make it possible to go green and frugal at the same time. Nothing could be easier!

We are all looking to save money and time. Thinking out of the box and getting back to basics are the way to do it! What ways do you save money around the house?