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Black Friday for the Frugal Savant

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-10-21 2:00 am --

"Seasons change ... " and so do our habits over time as we deal with different economic and resource realities. During the summer, a glass of water is valuable. During the winter, a warm coat is more expensive. During tough economic times, people need to develop more frugal living habits to make sure that their money goes further.

Many businesses achieve significant savings due to the "economies of scale," whereby they can receive a "lower per unit cost per item" when buying supplies. Three of the primary limitations to this "bulk purchasing" include 1) need for more money, 2) need for more space, and 3) inability to buy "perishable" foods. Once these limitations are addressed, it only makes sense to "Purchase large quantities at a lower unit price."

When one person thinks about "bulk purchasing," he may doubt its effectiveness. He doesn't have enough money, space, or appetite to make it work. But what if he gets his friends and family involved? Many families go through colossal amounts of food and bathroom supplies. In fact, by its very definition, a "family" is already "pooling" resources for "bulk purchasing."

It only makes sense for a community to cooperate when purchasing common non-perishable items, like soap and toilet paper. They can solve all three limitations of bulk purchasing by "working together. They can "pool" their money to pay for the items. They can assemble storage shelves for storing flour, rice, or canned food. They can divide any perishable food amongst themselves evenly for consumption or place it in a common freezer.

Businesses understand that many people are more frugal now, so these companies offer stores that appeal to discount, budget, or bulk purchasing. "Dollar stores" are popping up all over the United States that provide many of the most basic commodities for every day life. Discount buying clubs offer great deals for a community that buys large crates of products.

When communities "divide the costs and divide the benefits," everyone succeeds. The community members become closer and more efficient. Less is wasted. The entire community can receive a "lower per unit cost per item" by shopping at large discount stores.

When a community is involved in "bulk purchasing," it is merely following the pattern of co-operatives, which pool their resources for a better price. Individuals or even families might not need large cases of toliet paper; yet, a group of friends or community can divide up the products accordingly. "Bulk purchasing" achieves the goal of "frugal living" while making sure that the large amount of product is not wasted.

"Bulk purchasing" is a great way to get wholesale or warehouse prices on every day items. Your friends, family, and community will grow closer while saving money. Everyone benefits by your frugal living.