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Bounce Back from the Slow Season and Maximize Springtime Sales

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-03-28 7:30 am --

While not all small businesses experience the strains of a slow season, many retail locations notice declining sales come wintertime. Though the holidays often bring an eagerly anticipated surge in sales, it is often followed by a discouraging slump that puts a damper on the morale of business owners. Yet, come springtime, consumers are often more inclined to hit the stores, no longer hibernating indoors and hiding from the cold. Here are some tips to prepare your store for the impending storm of springtime shoppers.

Set Out Your Summer Product Lines Early
Temperatures are already unseasonably warm. According to NASA, January of 2016 was the warmest January ever recorded, and shoppers everywhere are beginning to feel the heat. Anticipating an early summer, people are eagerly setting out their swimsuits, planning their beachside vacations, and gearing up for some fun in the sun. Take advantage of the atypical weather patterns by setting out summer product lines early. People will be zealously snatching up summer goods and apparel, hoping to conquer their summer shopping list in advance.

Decorate the Store for Spring
The surroundings and décor of a store largely impact sales, and by decorating your store for springtime, you can subtly influence the mood of shoppers. Springtime décor will get people enthusiastic about the spring and summer activities that await, thus encouraging them to buy more merchandise. Dress mannequins in springtime fashions, douse the walls with a splurge of color, and add a touch of floral décor to create a lively and vibrant ambiance.

Energize Your Staff and Put a Spring in Their Step
It’s normal for staff to feel a bit sluggish after a long winter, and now is the time to invigorate your staff and get them excited for spring sales. Consider offering a spring bonus to sales teams to incentivize work ethic and boost productivity.

Offer Spring Savings
Many stores offer discounted summer apparel in the springtime, so customers can stock up on summer goods, while saving money in the process. Send out email blasts to customers informing them of discounted items. While it can be challenging to distinguish yourself among a sea of spring savings, you can stand out in the crowd by offering unique product lines, raffles, and contests to customers.  

Segment Your Customers
Your customers are all unique, and they deserve to be treated as the snowflakes they are. Your marketing efforts will be more successful if you market to individuals, rather than collective trends. Analyze customer sales data to help you categorize your customers into groups based on spending habits, demographics, and hobbies. Then you can send promotions and sales to consumers who are most interested in those product lines, thus increasing your potential for sales.

After the drag of winter, many retailers are keenly anticipating a profitable spring. As the sun starts shining and the pools open up, shoppers head to the malls in hordes, hoping to gather everything they need for their hot-weather hobbies. Prepare yourself for the crowds by offering a range of summer goods, as well as promotions that will incentivize shopping. To search a variety of summer product lines that your customers will love, click here and begin browsing today.