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Brrr. Prepare Your Small Business for the Coming Winter Storms

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-16 7:00 am --

Brrr. The weather is cooling off throughout the United States, and it’s time for businesses to begin rolling out winter product lines in their stores. In winter, businesses face a lot more variables than they do in the summertime, and it’s essential to be prepared, so you can make the most of winter earnings. In-store shopping becomes more sporadic, deliveries are less reliable, and, in general, businesses can be trickier to operate. Here’s how to be prepared for all potential circumstances.

Prepare for Slowing Business

It’s an unfortunate reality of wintertime that virtually all retail stores notice a decline in sales. As though your seasonal blues weren’t bad enough, now sales are struggling too? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a victim to slow times. Here are some ways to generate more sales.

  1. Focus on your online store. Online stores are a goldmine in winter, when people feel little inclination to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes. As such, you should be devoting more time in winter to your online store, ensuring your digital marketing strategy is effective and online shopping is easy and accessible for your customers.
  2. Offer discounts on out-of-season products. Many people prefer to shop for items out of season, when they know they can access the best rates. Come wintertime, when your store is feeling like a deserted wasteland, pick things up by offering a blowout sale on all of your summer product lines.
Offer customers the comfort of home. The real drag of winter shopping is leaving your warm, cozy home to enter cold and unwelcoming retail stores. Add a touch of home to your stores by offering free hot cocoa and coffee to customers, so they’ll have one more reason to brave the storm.

Research the Hottest Winter Trends

Businesses that offer the exact same product lines year in and year out will eventually hit a rut. No matter your industry, you need to be alternating out products to keep customers interested in your store. Restaurants need to routinely update their menus, automobile shops need to have the hottest car gadgets on hand, laptop repair stores need to continually advance their expertise to cater to a wider array of products. Research the hottest trends of 2016 to adopt new product lines that cater specifically to your customers.

Never Run Out of Stock

In the winter, businesses face a greater likelihood of running short of supplies. That means you need to be more prepared and remain on top of your inventory management. Take into consideration all the potential issues your orders face in wintertime, so you can plan accordingly and avoid late shipments. Will your suppliers run out of goods? Will deliveries be held up by storms? Will the cost of gasoline rise, driving the cost of goods up? Incorporate all these variables into your inventory management and budget, so you’re prepared for everything that winter may bring.

Perhaps the best way to ensure you never run low on office supplies this winter is by preordering everything you’ll need in bulk! This will allow you to cross an extra chore off your weekly to-do list as well, since you’ll be fully stocked on paper, pens, and printer ink to last you the season. At DollarDays, we offer low rates and large bulk packages on all the supplies small businesses need. Browse our selection today.