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Build It and They Will Learn

By: Marc Joseph-- 2011-09-20 2:00 am --

Marc Joseph, Author; CEO/President and Founder, DollarDays International, Inc. has written a new article for The Huffington Post. Head over and check it out.

Last week the White House released their "American Jobs Act" proposal. Two ideas that caught my eye included preventing up to 280,000 teacher layoffs, and modernizing at least 35,000 public schools by supporting new science labs, Internet-ready classrooms and renovations at schools across the country, in rural and urban areas. No matter what your political outlook is on life, these are two parts of the act that all Americans must agree our society needs to keep our country moving forward in this highly competitive world.

In addition to the HP article, we wanted to remind everyone of the Facebook contest happening now!

I wish we all had the courage of the Tacoma teachers. My company, www.dollardays.com is giving away $5,000 in school supplies to a school through our Facebook page, but this is just a small drop in the bucket of much needed funding. Every company, every community should be pushing our representatives in Washington to do the right thing. Fund teachers, fund school building and this in the short run will help our economy get back on track.

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