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Celebrate Summer with These Money Saving Tips

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-07-05 12:30 pm --

With the sun blaring down, the flowers in bloom, and the sound of children cheerfully prancing through the streets, summer has made its grand entrance at last. It’s time to put away the snow shovels and dust off the lawn chairs, so you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation in the sun. People are often more active in the summer, spending their free time enjoying the great outdoors and partaking in a variety of spontaneous adventures. Yet, these adventures can be costly. To truly seize the summer fun, you need to cut costs wherever possible, so you have the leftover resources to invest in the activities that count.

Switch Off Your Cable

The average U.S. family is spending $99.10 per month on cable, which has risen 40 percent in just the last five years. In the wintertime, there are few things more appealing than snuggling up beneath a blanket, a hot cup of cocoa in hand, and watching one of your favorite TV shows after work. Yet, in the summertime, TV usage rates go down. According to the Wall Street Journal, TV ratings declined across the board in the summer of 2015, with the Disney Channel losing 19 percent of its audience, Bravo declining by 23 percent, and MTV decreasing by 24 percent. With so much more to do outside, you might as well turn off the cable for a few months and spend that extra money on enriching outdoor activities.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy bills naturally decline in the summertime, as the heaters shut off, the daylight lasts longer, and people spend more time outside. While air conditioning can still eat into your expenses, the key is to time your air conditioning so it’s only running when you’re at home. In the interest of saving money and conserving energy, there’s a variety of mobile apps you can download that connect directly to your air conditioner. It enables you to control your air conditioner from wherever you are. That way, you can turn it off when you leave, and turn it on when you’re headed home, so your house will be cool upon your arrival.  

Opt for Group Childcare

For families with children, finding the money for childcare can be a crushing summertime expense. There are a variety of ways to approach childcare, from hiring nannies or babysitters to sending your kids off to daycare. Group daycares can be much more affordable. Instead of paying someone hourly, you pay a flat fee to cover the entire day. In addition, most childcare facilities offer discount packages for those who intend to use the daycare regularly throughout summer.

Buy Bulk Food and Supplies

A Gallup poll found that the average American reports spending about $151 a week on food. An additional $42 per month is spent on household cleaning supplies. These are high prices simply to eat and maintain your home, and yet, neither of these tasks can be neglected. By purchasing your household essentials and food from wholesale retailers, you skip the trip to the store, while substantially slashing your spending. In turn, you’ll waste less of your summer running errands, while also saving your money for bigger and better things.

Everyone makes lavish plans for summer, but when the time arrives, they often find their budget doesn’t permit for all they had planned. There are a lot of ways to trim your summertime spending without hindering your life quality, enabling you to save more money for the activities you love. By purchasing all of your nonperishable food items and household essentials from wholesale venders, you can reduce your monthly spending and have more leftover for fun. Search a vast selection of food and home essentials, and start saving money today.