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Combine Playtime and Education with These Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

By: Maria Werner-- 2016-02-05 1:54 pm --

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day for children, and it provides them with an opportunity to strengthen friendships and improve their social connectedness. It also offers the ideal occasion for kids to unleash their creativity by crafting a variety of cards and gifts. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for the classroom that incorporate learning with craft time and play.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards
Children love crafts. It allows them to be creative, spill their ideas onto paper, and get messy in the process. Provide your class with an array of art supplies like construction paper, glue, markers, glitter, and stickers. Then sit back and watch as their imaginations run wild. For younger children, write some standard Valentine’s Day phrases on the board like “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Be My Valentine” to help them create their Valentine’s Day sentiments.

Valentine’s Day Puzzles
Print out some Valentine’s Day puzzles for your class. Crossword puzzles, word searches, and mazes are all great ways to stimulate the minds of children, while having fun as well. Mazes can promote critical thinking abilities, while crossword puzzles and word searches help to build vocabulary and strengthen spelling skills.

Friendship Building
For young children, Valentine’s Day isn’t about romance but about friendship. There are a lot of group games you can play that promote friendship, increase social skills, and help children to develop empathy. Pass out a heart shaped card to every child, each containing the name of another child in the classroom. Have the children write one positive quality of the person on the heart. When the children are finished, you can hang the hearts around the room, so children can see all of the positive qualities that characterize friendship. This exercise builds self-esteem, while deepening the relationships between children.

Make Candy
When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is primarily about one thing to children; free candy. Children leap at the opportunity to eat candy with their friends, and you can maximize on this interest by incorporating some educational fun into the classroom. Rock candy is easy to make and can teach children a variety of new skills. Reading the recipe enhances their reading comprehension, while measuring the ingredients teaches them mathematics. It’s also an opportunity to teach children about science by educating them about the varying boiling points of sugar and the different consistencies that can be created with varying levels of heat.

Pro Tip: While Valentine’s Day can certainly be fun, it can also result in hurt feelings and tears if children feel left out or unappreciated. Set a classroom rule that if children intend to pass out Valentine’s, they need to give one to every child in the class.

Valentine’s Day is fun and exciting for children of all ages. For young children, it provides the perfect opportunity to teach them about socialization, friendship, and empathy. It also presents an opportunity to integrate a lot of engaging and educational projects into the school day, teaching kids a variety of new skills, while playing games and having fun. Search a variety of craft supplies, candy, and Valentine’s Day materials for your Valentine’s Day classroom activities.