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Congratulations to the teachers who won our Facebook giveaway!

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-05-01 12:20 pm --


DollarDays loves teachers! Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate a teacher for our merchandise giveaway on Facebook. We're honored to give teachers some well-deserved recognition. 

The following 18 teachers are our winners:

$2,000 Cerette Thompson Fairington Elementary
$1,000 Kirby Marquita Alston Warren County High School
$500 Denise Pontuti Lehman Middle School
$100 Tracy Thompson  Cabell Midland High School 
$100 Danielle Compton Hilton Village Elementary
$100 Amy Garber Benton Elementary
$100 Luis Calderon Rancho Verde Elementary
$100 Beth Sletta Jefferson Elementary 
$100 Christy Pietrzak Rolling Prairie Elementary 
$100 Bethany Gantt Deer Park Elementary
$100 Kathleen McDowell Tropical Elementary 
$100 Stephanie Sims Good Shepherd School
$100 Phyllis Turner Tri-Cities High School
$100 Craig Pearson SUSCC
$100 Suzy Brusca Frontier Elementary
$100 Julie Ahern Andrew Cooke Magnet
$100 Paul Kothe Eastern Heights Middle School
$100 Jade Martinez Ozark Upper Elementary


This month, our Facebook giveaway is for military heroes! Active duty military personnel, veterans, military families and veterans organizations are all eligible for the $5,000 merchandise giveaway.

Visit us on Facebook and nominate a military hero!