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December $5,000 Merchandise Winners Announced!

By: Jackie Eldridge-- 2015-12-31 9:12 am --

Our December 2015 "Unsung Hero" $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway for all military past and present, their friends and families as well as any military organization, was a big success! We had a huge number of entries and are delighted to share the winners with you!

We use a computer generated randomizer to select the winners. If you see a person or organization you nominated has won, please let them know. We will reach out to them via the email address you provided to instruct them how to redeem their award. They have until December 31, 2016 to use their gift.

Congratulations to the winners (our unsung heroes) and big thanks to all of you who took the time to recognize and nominate our treasured military, their friends and related organizations. We honor them with pride.

Be sure to enter our January 2016 $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway by nominating an organization that helps our children. Which one will you nominate here? Thanks for your support. Pass it on!


First Name Last Name City & State Award
Kira, Mason & TJ Unknown Fallbrook CA $2,000
Sidney Pennix Chicago IL $1,000
Bridgette Flemings Fort Mitchell AL $500
Eric Swenson Jacksonville FL $100
Lynn Bond Pine Bluff AR  $100
Josh Herman St. Paul MN $100
Jack Hammonds Fort hood TX $100
Michael George Northwood NH $100
Mark Murphy Yucca Valley CA $100
Travis Smith Portland OR   $100
William Burdge Sparta TN $100
John Ely Butler PA $100
Steven Zieger St.Louis MO $100
Mike Keegan Riverside CA $100
Erin Timmermans Raleigh NC $100
Kevin Hall Yorktown VA $100
Cole Lyle College Station TX $100
Bernadette Favors Atlanta GA $100

Winners will be notified by email and given instructions on how to redeem their awards! They have until 12.31.16 to claim their prizes.