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Decorate for Halloween Using Wholesale Products

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-09-08 4:00 am --

It's that time of the year again: zombies, pirates, and ghosts, oh my! Halloween is a great holiday for children and adults alike. Kids love the costumes and candy, whereas adults love it because, well… when else is it considered socially acceptable to have cobwebs, pests, and dead things lying around your home? Time to make the most of it and get to decorating!

1. Spider Webs
Spider webs are one of those must-have things for Halloween. On this here site, you can find spider webs galore. There are webs that stretch across doors and windows, webs that glow in the dark, ones that hang across ceilings… the list is limitless.

2. Roaches and Rodents
Your Halloween home wouldn’t be complete without roaches, rodents, and other creepy crawlers. Be über nasty and get a variety. The next step up would be to leave open food containers lying around for a few weeks prior to Halloween. But don’t say you haven’t been warned: pest control is expensive.

3. Rodent Silhouettes
Thanks to rodent silhouettes for windows, even folks who don’t get the privilege of coming into your home can see what lurks within.

4. Skeleton
No Halloween would be complete without a decomposed body, would it? This skeleton can be hung or laid out on the ground.

5. Crime Scene Kit
Skeletons might be common Halloween décor, but you can add a touch of realism by creating a gruesome crime scene with it. If they call you morbid, they’re just jealous of your originality.

6. Zombie Chowing Down On Human Head
The human fascination with flesh-eating, dead people is something that psychologists are still trying to figure out. Regardless, zombies are all the rage this year. It appears as though he is rising from the ground, making it the perfect front yard prop.

7. Dangling Bats
In case webs, roaches, and rats aren’t enough, the bats dangling from the ceiling will provide the finishing touch. Halloween is once a year, so it's time to go all out.

8. Skeleton Table Pieces
This is a set of three skeleton table pieces to prop on the kitchen or coffee table. One skeleton covers his eyes, another covers his ears, and the third covers his mouth. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

9. Skeleton Door Cover
Undoubtedly, this will throw some much-needed humor into the ghoulish mix. Guaranteed, nobody has ever seen anything like it. The perfect cover for your bathroom door: a skeleton reading the newspaper on a toilet bowl.

10. An Utterly Terrifying Mask
Aside from turning your clean, cozy home into a filthy deathtrap, the other great thing about Halloween is something that no self-respecting adult wants to admit to themselves. It’s hidden there in your subconscious. After all the headaches and stress they’ve caused, you want to scare those little neighborhood brats. Don’t deny your perfectly natural urges. BOO!