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DIY Halloween Costumes for Crafty Parents

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-09-07 7:00 am --

Halloween is just two months away. For many parents, that means heading to the local costume shop to pick up a prepackaged costume set for the kids. But for the brave of heart DIY-types, that means preparing your costume ideas and making them from scratch. If your kiddos are begging for a homemade costume, here are a couple easy DIY disguises that they’re sure to love.

Bag of Jelly Beans

Jelly beans have always been a favorite snack for youngsters, so what better Halloween costume than their beloved candy? A bag of jelly beans costume is incredibly easy and fast to make, while requiring few supplies.

What You’ll Need

  • Balloons in a variety of colors
  • A clear plastic garbage bag
  • A large ribbon
  • Clear tape
  • Constructions paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers

To make the costume, start by cutting arm and leg holes in the plastic bag. The arm holes should be toward the top of the bag where the opening is and the leg holes should be near the bottom of the bag. Reinforce the perimeter of the holes with clear tape, so the holes don’t rip as the child moves around. Inflate the balloons just until they’re full, without making them too large. With the scissors, construction paper, and tape, you can create the jelly bean logo based on your child’s favorite brand, and tape it to the front of the garbage bag.

When your kid is ready to go trick-or-treating, have them put on their plastic suit. Fill the suit with as many balloons as you can reasonably fit, while still allowing your child to move around comfortably. Use the ribbon to gently close the top of the garbage bag around their neck. Ta-da! Your child is a walking bag of jelly beans, and certainly the most popular kid on the playground.

Rosie the Riveter

Ideal for both children and adults, Rosie the Riveter is a classic costume idea that’s bound to generate attention. Best of all, it relies on resources that you likely have laying around your house, thus requiring a minimal financial investment.

What You’ll Need

  • Red polka-dot bandana
  • Denim button-up top
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Red lipstick
  • Brown belt
  • White felt
  • Safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie

Assembling this costume is self-explanatory for the most part. You simply apply the red lipstick, put on the clothing, and tie your bandana over your head. However, to ensure people get the reference, it helps to have the classic Rosie slogan, “We Can Do It,” posted somewhere on your clothing. Using the white felt, cut out a circular shape, writing “We Can Do It” in the center. Fasten it to your shirt using the safety pin and voila! You’re a 1950’s feminist icon.

For crafty parents that would rather make a costume from scratch than buy some generic out-of-the-box outfit, there are a variety of DIY costumes that can be made easily and for little money. To cut your spending even further, buy all of your craft supplies in bulk. Search a variety of top-quality craft supplies today and get a head start on the Halloween fun.