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Do Your Employees Lose Focus in Winter? Here's Some Tips to Keep Them Engaged

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-21 7:00 am --

Employee engagement often wanes around the holidays. Employees begin eagerly anticipating their trips home, daydreaming about relaxing by the fireplace, and planning their holiday occasions with family – all of which detract from their focus at work. However, the holidays are one of the busiest times for retailers, making it the worst possible time for employees to lose focus. Here are some tips to improve engagement and productivity this winter.

All work and no play makes employee morale decline.

Around the holidays, many employees begin feeling some burn-out from work and are more focused on their time off to relax and unwind with family. By incorporating more time for fun into the weekly work schedules of employees, you can appease their desire for relaxation, while increasing their mental capacity for work-related tasks. Here are some easy ways to incorporate fun and relaxation into your everyday work schedule.

  1. Host an employee volunteer day. Sometimes all an employee really needs is a break from the ordinary routine. By bringing your employees to a local nonprofit for a day of volunteer work, you can give them something to look forward to outside of the traditional workplace, boost employee morale, and make a difference in your community.
  2. Engage all employees in holiday planning. All businesses will have additional tasks to prepare for the holiday season. Whether you’re rolling out new product lines or decorating your store with lights and window displays, this provides your employees with a fun and creative escape from their traditional job duties. Break up the workload, so every employee has the opportunity to participate in planning and decorating for the holiday season.
  3. Host a holiday party. Holiday parties are a fantastic way to improve employee connections and show your employees how much you appreciate them. It also gives them something to look forward to, so they’ll be more engaged in their work in anticipation of future festivities. 

Offer workplace incentives to boost productivity.

The holidays are centered around gift giving and surprises, so consider incorporating this element into your workplace culture. One creative idea would be to purchase stockings for all of your employees. Every time an employee hits a specific milestone, you can add a small gift to their stocking. Employees will feel encouraged to work even harder, so they can watch their stockings fill up. Alternately, you can host workplace games or competitions that will keep employees engaged, offering a seasonal bonus for employees who conduct the best work throughout the season.

It's not unusual for employees to lose focus come winter. With the short days and cold weather, many people feel sleepier and less engaged. Not to mention, the buzz of the holidays consumes the focus of many. However, by incorporating some fun into your workplace culture, you can cater to the wandering minds of employees, while redirecting their focus to their work simultaneously. At DollarDays, we offer an array of stocking stuffers, party decorations, and holiday décor, providing your business with everything it needs this season. Click here to begin browsing our store today.