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Does Your Business Decline in Winter?

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-02 7:00 am --

Come wintertime, many companies notice a sudden decline in sales. With the sudden onset of winter storms and icy roads keeping people indoors, shoppers are less likely to brave the storms simply to go shopping. For brick-and-mortar companies, this inevitably means a decline in business, making the winter a particularly stressful time. Luckily, there are some easy ways to combat the winter slow times and keep your business packed throughout the coming months.

Adjust Your Hours

In winter, the times of day a person visits your store will fluctuate. More often than not, they’ll visit your store later in the mornings, and taper off earlier in the evening. Assess your data from previous years to note trends in the times of day shoppers visit your store in winter, so you can adjust your business hours accordingly. Rather than paying utilities and labor for longer hours that scarcely bring in a customer, you can scale back on overhead costs and invest more time and money to squeeze the most sales out of your peak hours.

Offer Something That Can’t Be Found Online

In wintertime, people are more likely to conduct their shopping online than in summer, as they have even greater incentive to stay home. In order for your brick-and-mortar shop to compete, you need to offer added value that can’t be found online. One of the key reasons people seek out brick-and-mortar stores instead of online shopping is for the personable shopping experience it provides. Thus, to best compete with your online competitors, you need to search for ways to provide outstanding levels of service to each customer, while providing them with a welcoming experience that will make them feel at home.  

Offer Products That Are More Commonly Bought in Person

It’s a common business practice that, if a company is failing to generate the sales they desire, they expand their product selection to accommodate a larger variety of shoppers. If your business notices a sharp decline in winter, this is particularly important. There are a variety of products that customers would rather buy in stores than online. Items that need to be tried on, such as clothing, or that need to be examined in person, are far more likely to draw people in, so they can be confident in their purchase before buying it. Expand your products based on your niche to encompass items that customers will need to see in person before buying.

Focus on Your Overhead

While increasing sales is one part of the equation, reducing overhead costs can also make your winter slump a bit easier. For small businesses, low overhead costs are hugely contingent on the suppliers you partner with. You need suppliers who are in your court and willing to do what it takes to help your small business thrive. At DollarDays, we understand the crucial impact that overhead costs play in the profits of a business. That’s why we work hard to provide small businesses with all of the office supplies they need at incredibly low prices and with reliable service, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about this winter. Visit our website today to start shopping.