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DollarDays announces global shipping!

-- 2013-03-14 2:00 am --

Great news!
We have recently joined forces with Bongo International to offer customers located worldwide the same unbeatable discounts and superior service that our U.S. clients have enjoyed for over 12 years. Bongo International is a well-established global eCommerce solution providing U.S. retailers access to international markets with no change to their current operations.

"As DollarDays is expanding its business worldwide, Bongo seemed like the logical choice to take us into countries where we never shipped to before. Our customers using Bongo have given us such positive feedback that we are allocating additional marketing dollars to make sure the world is aware of DollarDays' ability through Bongo to now ship everywhere," says Marc Joseph, company founder. The entrance into the international market couldn't be better timing. The eCommerce industry surpassed a trillion-dollars in sales worldwide for 2012, and continues to demonstrate substantial growth. eMarketer reported for the 2012 selling year, B2C eCommerce sales grew by 21.1% worldwide, and predicted that sales will increase another 12.3% to nearly $1.3 trillion dollars for 2013.

DollarDays' website has over 3.5 Million registered users and averages over 1,200 new customers each day. Our reduced price points enable smaller businesses to compete against larger enterprises. We also offer retail items by the piece vs. by the case as in the wholesale option. Additionally, we offer business services such as website design, drop shipping, distributorships, affiliate programs and more. Until teaming up with Bongo, the wholesale discounts were only available to clients located nationwide. These providers are now able to deliver everything retailers need to succeed in online commerce.

Through the partnership with Bongo, DollarDays is now available in over 220 countries. Bongo's Checkout solution allows international visitors the same seamless experience as domestic shoppers. This includes a smooth checkout experience that offers the full landed cost prior to checkout so there are no hidden costs appearing at any point in the transaction. Bongo's comprehensive solution offers a secure international checkout that is localized to the language specific to the IP address or language selection of the user. This solution also supplies shoppers with a Unified Tracking Number that is active from the domestic warehouse until arrival at the international destination.