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Ease the Struggle of Back-to-School with These 5 Tips

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-06-15 8:00 am --

School is almost out for summer. For children, that means a few months of much-needed rest and relaxation. Parents, on the other hand, are gearing up for a chaotic summer of desperately trying to manage house work and their job, while struggling to find time with their children. Many parents have already turned their attention to back-to-school, which often entails mountains of chores to ensure their children are prepared. Here are some tips to ease the struggle, so parents can enjoy a more relaxing summer as well.

  1. Start early. Procrastination is the enemy of success, or so they say. By waiting until the last week of summer to prepare your children for school, you’ll be scrambling to accomplish your chore list and will likely fall behind. Make a list of all tasks to tackle now, as well as a timeline for accomplishing each task in advance, so everything is taken care of well before the school year begins.
  2. Buy school supplies online. There is nothing worse than waiting until the last week of summer to shop for school supplies, only to be battling long lines and swarming mobs of stressed out parents. Not to mention, many stores could sell out of certain items, leaving you unable to get that scientific calculator or fancy protractor your child needs. By purchasing supplies online, you can avoid the hassle of the stores and access all of the supplies you need in a single location.
  3. Don’t let the learning end with school. Just because your children have some time off of school, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. In fact, your children can benefit tremendously by having some structure and education built into their summer off. It will keep them in the mode of learning, so when school returns, it won’t be such a struggle. Consider signing them up for a day camp where they can have a similar structure as school but with more leisure time built-in. Alternately, you could enroll them in extracurricular activities like music or sports, so they have ongoing commitments all summer long.
  4. Buy supplies in bulk. Many of your child’s supplies are needed in vast quantity, from pens and pencils to notebooks and erasers. By purchasing supplies in bulk from cheap online wholesalers, you can save money, while ensuring you have a steady supply on hand throughout the year.
  5. Gather all paperwork. Your children have likely been provided with an array of forms you need to fill out prior to the return to school. Make sure you retrieve these forms from them as soon as they get them, so the papers don’t get lost, torn, or dirty. Glance through all of the paperwork at the beginning of summer to see if there are any new vaccinations that your child needs, and fill the forms out as early as possible.

Returning back to school after a long summer off is a struggle for both children and parents. However, by beginning your preparations now, you can lessen the battle for both you and your kids. By instilling structure and routine into your children’s summer days, so you can make the transition back to school feel seamless and stress-free. To avoid the hassle of the stores and access incredible savings, visit our website and search a variety of new school supplies.