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Easy Gift Buying Guide

-- 2011-08-03 2:00 am --

Between duties at work and responsibilities at home, it is often hard to even remember special occasions, much less come up with a great gift idea for them. Often, if you have to come up with a gift in a hurry, you resort to boring old gift cards or an impersonal cash gift. Here is an easy gift-giving idea guide that can help you come up with the perfect present for any occasion.

1.) Baby Shower:

The arrival of a new baby is a special event that everyone loves to celebrate. Baby showers started as a way to help new parents gather the items they needed to properly care for their new babies and for more experienced parents to pass along their wisdom about caring for a child to those just starting out. For those who are not parents but still wish to share the joy with their friends and relatives, it can be overwhelming to come up with right gift. While diapers are always a fool proof gift, a soft and snuggly baby blanket is also a perfect present for the new little arrival.

2.) Wedding:

While many guests will offer up cash or the usual assortment of house wares to help the new couple set up their household, a fun and unique option is to offer the bride and groom a fancy spa bath set that they can either enjoy at home or on their honeymoon. Planning and hosting a wedding can be a stressful event and having a spa set to relax and unwind with after the festivities can be just the thing a happy, but stressed out bride needs to relax and enjoy wedded bliss.

3.) Birthday:

There are as many different ideas for birthday gifts as there are people to receive them. Most choices will rely upon the recipient’s personality, but there are some choices that are appropriate for almost any birthday boy or girl. Baking cupcakes with colorful cupcake cups and adorable cupcake picks is a way to give a personalized, and delicious, birthday gift.

4.) Housewarming

When a family makes a big move or an individual moves into their first new place, they often throw a party both to show off their new place and to welcome friends and family inside their brand new home. While these occasions don’t always merit a fancy gift, the offering of a gourmet gift basket is one that few would refuse. For those with a sweet tooth, a candy gift basket is a tasty alternative.

5.) Hostess Gifts

When attending a dinner party, it is considered a polite gesture to bring a gift for the host or hostess with you. Traditional and popular gift choices are wines and gourmet cheeses, but flowers are a very nice gift as well.