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Five Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts

-- 2012-01-30 1:00 am --

For many guys, Valentine's Day is a day to remind them how little they know about being romantic. Too often they find themselves stopping on the side of the road to buy flowers from a panhandler that looks like he might have stolen them from an old lady down the street. So this year, think ahead and get one of these gifts for that special woman.

1. The Vacuum Cleaner

This may seem like an odd gift to give on Valentine's Day and will likely get a guy immediately scorned, but there is a trick to giving this gift and making a girl melt. After she opens the vacuum cleaner, the guy should hand her a note telling her that the vacuum was bought so that you could clean up for her and she would no longer have to worry about a messy floor. The only downside to this gift is that the guy has now committed himself to vacuuming for at least a week.

2. Jewelry

The classic standby is always a great option. A guy must be careful not to go too big in this case or she will get the wrong idea about what is happening. A nice bracelet or necklace is perfect for Valentine's Day.

3. Go Old School

Everyone remembers the old Valentine's Day cards that the kids would pass around in elementary school. It is a classic move that brings back nostalgic memories for every girl. Her heart will melt at the simple but heartfelt messages that have a whole new meaning when presented by an adult that truly understands what the cards are trying to say. A series of these over the course of the days that lead to Valentine's Day makes for a very romantic gesture.

4. Stuffed Animals

Another throw back to younger days, this gift is an easy option that shows forethought and caring. A plush heart can sit on her bed all day and remind her every time she comes home that she is loved. It is also a way for a guy to remind her that he is still playful at heart and wants to do anything he can to put a smile on her face. A bear holding a heart is a classic Valentine's gift that is not incredibly typical and shows a girl that she is cared about.

5. Fake Flowers

Most women like flowers but giving flowers is fairly typical and unimaginative. But giving fake flowers can give an advantage that real flowers does not. At first this may result in a strange look, but every guy that does this should attach a note that says, "This flower will not wilt until the day I stop loving you." It is a creative way to tell a girl that she will be loved forever.

There are many great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts. It just takes a little thought and some creativity to turn a bad gift into a great gift.