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Five Tips For Saving Money On Gas

-- 2011-01-13 6:00 am --

Gasoline prices continue to rise. This may seem frustrating to most of us. However, there are some things you can do to save money on gas. Here are five tips to help limit your visits to the pump.

1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. The proper tire pressure should be listed on the tire or on door of your car. Over time, tire pressure decreases. In addition, tire pressure suffers even more during the cold months. If your tires aren't properly inflated, you will see a decrease in your gas mileage. For a couple of dollars, you can buy a tire gauge. It is a good idea to check your tire pressure every couple of weeks. If you find they are too low, you can use an air pump to fill them up. If you don't have one, most gas stations have air stations that cost a dollar to fill your tires.

2. Empty your trunk. People have a tendency to load their trunks up with stuff. It is always a good idea to empty your trunk after each shopping visit. Do your best to limit what you keep in the trunk. If you have a lot of stuff in it, the weight will add up. That leads to problems with your gas mileage. If your car weighs more, you are using more fuel to run it. By keeping it clean, you will see a lot of savings.

3. Plan your trips. This may seem simple, but it has a major impact on how much gas you use. If you are grocery shopping, make a list of what you need. This will prevent you from forgetting something and having to go back out. In addition, consider what errands you can combine. If your bank is located near the grocery store, try to do your banking and shopping tasks in one trip. That will save you time and money. The fewer times you have to run to the store, the more you will save on gas.

4. Avoid leaving your car in an idle state. A common misconception is that it takes more gas to start a car than leave it running. That is only partly true. If you are waiting in your car for someone to run in to a store, you might want to consider shutting it off. If it's a matter of a few seconds, leaving your car on is a smart move. However, shut off your car if it's going to be any longer. You waste a lot of gas when you leave your car running.

5. Keep your speed steady. Naturally, you will have to speed up and slow down at various times. However, keeping these habits to a minimum will help your gas mileage. If you're driving on a highway, you are better served by maintaining a steady speed. Changing lanes to pass cars will only lead to wasted gas mileage. In addition, driving fast means a reduction in fuel efficiency. Not only is it safe to observe speed limits, it will also save you money.