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Five ways to help pet shelters

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-02-05 11:13 am --

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  - Mahatma Gandhi

There are certain items that are always on the wish list of every pet shelter. If you want to help your local shelters care for their animals, consider donating the following:

1. Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining the temporary homes for hundreds of animals requires a lot of cleaning and the supplies needed to accomplish these daily tasks go quickly. Household cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, bleach and dishwashing soap are necessities that are all too often overlooked when donating to pet shelters.

2. Treats

In a perfect world, every pet would have a home. Sadly, for those in shelters, that will likely never be the case. According to the Humane Society, only 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters or rescues. With those less-than-promising odds, it’s important that every animal in a shelter is as desirable as he/she can be when meeting potential pet parents. Providing shelters with treats to train its pets increases the chances of those pets finding a forever home.

3. Toys

As every pet owner knows, dogs and cats are essentially kids with four legs. They just want to play! Life in a shelter is hard enough on them and they need the mental stimulation that toys provide. Squeaky toys, scratching posts and balls are inexpensive donations that will make the day of any shelter pet.

4. Beds & Blankets

You know that feeling of finally getting to sleep in your own bed after a long vacation? There is something about the familiarity of your own bed that is comforting. Pets in shelters don’t always have the luxury of having their own bed (or any bed). Donating pet beds and blankets makes their stay more comfortable as they wait to be adopted.

5. Money

Nothing beats a monetary donation. This provides shelters with the opportunity to allocate the funds to what they need the most.With countless animals entering shelters every day, every dollar counts.


We are donating $5,000 in merchandise to 18 pet shelters this month. Visit our Facebook page to nominate your favorite shelter!