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Free Shipping on Flip Flops

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-04-20 5:00 am --

So today and tomorrow only, DollarDays is offering free shipping on select styles of FlipFlops. So to entice you a bit, we thought we'd go through the many various kinds of flip flops DollarDays has on hand.

Flip Flops for Charity
If you are looking for great ways to make a little money for your charity, take a look at DollarDays' wholesale breast cancer awareness flip flops. With our great savings you can save lives and save feet.

Flip Flops For the boys
Maybe the charity flip flops are a bit too pink for you. Well, good thing that DollarDays has some great flip flops for boys. While not as obvious a choice when it comes to charity fundraising supplies, these attractive flip flops are pretty enough to make mom happy, and manly enough to make the boys wear.

If you're stocking up for charity, these might make a great alternative to the pink breast cancer awareness flip flops. Or, if you just want a great pair of flip flops for your kids, these great designs and the variety of sizes will are an attractive option.

Flip Flops For the girls
If you're looking for some sandals that are a bit more effeminate, we have some wholesale girls printed flip flops. These floral and rainbow printed sandals will be a popular summer fashion for the young ladies who get them.