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Frugal Living Tip - AirfareWatchdog's Baggage Fare Chart

By: Aaron-- 2009-10-02 2:00 am --

If you’re going on a trip, it makes sense to research the lowest airfares. But nowadays, you can pick a low fare and still end up paying a bundle in extra charges, especially when it comes to the extra fees for checked luggage.

Thanks to this handy Airline baggage fees chart over at AirfareWatchdog.com, you can make sure that you don’t pay more for your baggage than your seat. (For instance, according to the chart, you could pay as much as $200 per bag if you’re checking more than four bags on Delta Airlines!)

Of course, lots of people are trying to avoid baggage fees altogether by packing lighter or choosing quick-drying garments that can be washed in a hotel sink.

And if you really need to move a lot of luggage from Point A to Point B, you might even consider using a shipping company like FedEx or UPS. Not only will you save the hassle of getting all your bags to and from the airports, but you might even save some dough.

Do you have stories about getting soaked with luggage fees or have you discovered some clever ways to travel light and skip baggage charges?