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“Fun” Fundraising Ideas

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-02-21 7:00 am --


Often when we think of fundraising, we think of soliciting large donations from a few donors or big events like galas.

However, more and more organizations are opting for smaller scale “fun” fundraisers that, while they might not bring in quite as much money, give supporters to engage with and support them on a more personal level.

Virtual Lemonade Stand

A virtual lemonade stand is a fun way to say “crowdfunding”. Inviting your supporters to create their own “lemonade stand” through your online donation platform can be an new way to get your supporters involved in fundraising for you and let them get creative.

Many online donation platforms, like Classy.org, have the capability to allow volunteer fundraisers to set up personalized fundraising pages.


Raffles can be a fun way not only to raise money for your organization, but also spread your mission. Two common ways to run a raffle are a 50/50 raffle or to raffle an item.

A 50/50 raffle is quite simple. Tickets are sold and at the end of the raffle, the total amount raised is split between the winner and the organization.

To raffle an item, it’s good to have a big ticket item. Consider approaching local businesses for donations of items.

Some online donation platforms, such as RallyUp, offer an online raffle option. This can be a great way to spread your reach online and collect email addresses to grow your list of supporters.

Online Auction

Online auctions are another fun way to get creative with your fundraising efforts. Virtual auctions can be a great alternative to galas and a lot less work. Work with donors, board members and corporate sponsors to have items donated to your auction, and promote it via social media and your email list.

To take this a step further, create a video welcoming “guests” to your online event and remind them about your mission. Use tools like Facebook Live or Periscope to showcase items and get your supporters excited about your event.

There are many online platforms, like Charity Auctions Today, that allow organizations to host an online auction for a small fee.


There is no way around it, bingo theme nights are FUN! Bingo nights are a sure-fire way to get people excited about your cause and have a good time. The beauty of Bingo is that is easy, anyone can play and you can make it fit any theme you can think of.

You can even partner with a local restaurant or bar to host your event and help you to promote your night. Lots of establishments are happy to help local nonprofits, and they receive the added benefit of guaranteed customers and sales.

To make this a fundraising event, sell Bingo cards, daubers and accessories and provide prizes to the winners. Prizes can be anything from a free item at the host establishment to something that is on theme with your event or mission, such as dog toys for an animal rescue or school supplies for an education nonprofit. The possibilities are endless!