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Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for the Classroom

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-09-16 7:00 am --

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, which means most children will be in school. Halloween is a frantic time for teachers. Children are often so distracted and hopped up on sugar, it can be hard to get any real school work done. Here are some fun Halloween craft ideas that can engage the children and focus their energy on productive tasks.

Mini Jack-o’-Lanterns

Mini jack-o’-lanterns are an easy and fun classroom activity for children of all ages. All you need is some mini pumpkins, paint, and paint brushes. The children can each get creative, and decorate their jack-o’-lanterns any way they want.

Paper Pumpkins

Paper pumpkins are a fantastic classroom activity, as they create no mess and are simple to make. Start by providing each child with eight sheets of paper, with each containing the outline of a pumpkin on it. The children start by cutting out all eight of the pumpkins. Then they fold the pumpkins in half, gluing the backside of one half to the backside of another half. Once this is done with all eight pumpkins, you glue the front of the pumpkin stack to the back, connecting the ends of the paper pumpkins.

Halloween-Themed Piñatas

Piñatas are an easy and fun classroom classic. Take your traditional papier-mache piñata technique, and encourage students to make spooky, Halloween-themed piñatas like spiders and pumpkins. The spider legs can be made by attaching black pipe cleaners to the piñata once the papier-mache has dried.

Lollipop Spiders

For this craft, you’ll need Tootsie Pops, black pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and glue. The lollipop will serve as the body of the spider. Then, simply wrap pipe cleaners around the base of the lollipop where the stick begins, forming the legs of the spider. Glue the eyes to the top of the spider, where the legs meet in the center.

Spooky Popcorn Hands

Popcorn hands are a Halloween classic, and they’re easy enough for children of any age. All you need are some clear plastic gloves, ribbon, popcorn, glue, candy corn, and spooky decorations. The children each fill their glove up with popcorn. They tie the end of the glove shut with ribbon, and then decorate the outside with candy corn and decorations.

Orange Pumpkins

Want to put a healthy spin on the Halloween fun to offset at least a few hundred calories? Orange pumpkins are incredibly simple, and they may encourage your students to actually eat their fruit. Simply peel some oranges, leaving the shape of the orange intact. Cut out tiny pieces of celery to stick in the top of each orange to look like the stem of the pumpkin. Voila – a fun and healthy treat that the whole family can enjoy.

Halloween is almost here, and teachers need to begin their lesson plans in preparation. Between the costumes, treats, games, and crafts, Halloween is often a favorite among children. Stock up on all of the Halloween craft supplies you need, so you’re fully prepared for the Halloween fun. Visit our website and being browsing today.