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Gift Giving in Business - More Than The Thought That Counts

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-11-30 5:00 am --

There was a time when giving gifts to business associates and clients was an all or nothing proposition. Either you gave them nothing, largely because of the cost, or you limited gifts given to only "special" clients, also largely due to cost. Fortunately, thanks to a lot of creativity, not to mention technology, today you can give gifts that can be obtained at reasonable cost, thus enabling you to give some sort of gift to practically everyone on your client list.

Let me tell you about Bob. Bob didn't have a lot of money to spend, but he prided himself on liking all of his clients and wanting to prove it with some sort of Christmas "gift." The result was a chance encounter with an advertising specialty salesman who told him about a wide selection of gift ideas that would literally allow him to control his bottom line for gift giving, thus allowing Bob to give something to everyone on his client list.

One look at an ad specialties catalog and it's easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of items that can be personalized with the name, address, logo, and phone number, along with some other line of greeting or slogan of your business.

Ad specialties are an excellent method of giving gifts for special occasions. It's also worthy of note that tailoring your needs and budget to a gift is the specialty salesperson's stock in trade. And fortunately, the flexibility offered by specialties can work with one more important variable: delivery.

How you are planning to deliver your gift to the recipient is an important consideration when selecting a gift. For example, one friend of mine will not send a mailing promoting his gift without including some sort of premium inside. Of course, this necessitates that the item be lightweight and flat so that it fits inside of an envelope. Items such as nail files and large plastic paper clips are perfect for this use.

The method of delivery was also an important consideration when another businessman friend wanted to give away coffee mugs to clients who visited his office over the course of the holidays. This gentleman had a clientele that frequented his office on a regular basis, so when it came time for an appointment, each client was offered a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, which came in an attractive mug that, when emptied, became a gift. This unexpected gesture was a very welcome surprise, even if it did have the giver's name, logo and contact information attractively printed on the outside.

All of this goes to show that with a little effort, patience and creativity, gift giving to practically all of your clients can be fun, useful, and very economical. It should also be noted that with a special gift in hand, a client who visits your office or when you visit his, can turn a business call into an unexpected pleasure.