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Go Green in 2017 with St. Patty’s Day Items

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-02-23 7:00 am --

Nothing kicks off spring quite like a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration. This year our favorite green holiday falls on a Friday so millions of Americans can look forward to a long weekend of celebrating with friends and family. Meanwhile, retailers and small businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to bring in new customers and maximize profits.

St. Patrick’s Day may seem like a small holiday in comparison to Christmas and Valentine’s Day but don’t be too quick to overlook it. Consumer spending on St. Patrick’s Day has increased quite a bit since 2005 with an estimated 4.4 billion spent in 2016 alone.

With the festivities just over a month away, here are a few tips for how your business can prepare for the holiday and create a plan to increase sales.

  1. Stock up on St. Patrick’s Day items

According to a 2016 survey, 56 percent of consumers will spend money on food and beverages, 28 percent will buy apparel and accessories, 23 percent will stock up on decorations and 17 percent will buy candy. So retailers should prepare by stocking up on an assortment of merchandise that their customers will be looking to buy. If you need ideas for getting started you can check out DollarDay’s selection of wholesale St. Patrick’s Day supplies.

  1. Show your holiday spirit

Plan to use the color green and incorporate imagery like shamrocks or a pot of gold in your marketing campaign. By setting a fun and playful tone you will encourage more engagement from your customers and hopefully get the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Leverage social media

Even the smallest holiday is a marketing opportunity that gives your business a chance to interact with your customers. Leverage the power of social media by promoting any specials you are offering. And posting St. Patrick’s themed content that is useful and fun will have a better chance of capturing people’s attention. This provides an opportunity to not only reach your current customers but attract new customers as well.

  1. Encourage early bird shopping

Begin promoting the holiday ahead of time and encourage your customer’s to stock up on their holiday merchandise early. Not only will your customers have a head start preparing but this will ensure that your business isn’t missing any opportunities for potential sales.

  1. Offer a special St. Patty’s Day promotion

Give your customers the “luck o’ the Irish” by offering a special St. Patrick’s Day promotion. By offering some sort of special discount or coupon that will expire after March 17 your customers will be more motivated to purchase from you right away.

St. Patrick’s Day may not be a gift giving holiday but it is a chance for consumers of all ages to have some fun and celebrate, regardless of their budget size. Businesses that take advantage will reap the benefits not only through increased sales but increased engagement with new and existing customers.