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Have You Started Planning Your Holiday Displays?

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-11-09 7:00 am --
One of the most effective strategies for manipulating sales and increasing profits rests in the basic layout and design of your store. The location and placement of items, the cost of items, and the lighting all subconsciously impact the spending habits of shoppers. To maximize your holiday sales, you need engaging and compelling displays that will pull in traffic and increase purchases. Here are some tactics to kick-off your holiday displays. 

Start Early

It seems with each passing year, retailers are putting up Christmas displays earlier and earlier. While shoppers tend to let out a collective groan when hearing Christmas music in early November, the truth is, the earlier retailers start, the more money they can make. In fact, nowadays some stores are rolling out Christmas items as early as September, in hopes of squeezing out as many holiday sales as possible. The reasoning behind this is sound. According to an NRF consumer survey, about 37 percent of all shoppers begin some Christmas shopping by Halloween each year.

Design Vivid Window Displays

Window displays are a particularly effective marketing strategy, as they give you complete exposure to all who pass by your store. This offers perpetual marketing abilities, highlighting your top product lines all day, every day. The key to designing an effective window display is by creating an entire scene, almost as though you’re constructing the stage of a play. Determine which products you care to highlight, and design a set around those products, ensuring the products remain the focal point of the scene. For a Christmas display, it should be equipped with ample lighting, fake snow, Christmas trees, and other seasonal items that will bring the cozy, Christmas theme to life.

Test the Effectiveness of Displays

After finishing your displays, test the effectiveness by having staff members gaze at the displays from afar and note the focal points that drew their attention the most. By gauging the areas of focus from numerous different perspectives, you’ll be able to determine whether you were successful in highlighting the specific products or whether people were more drawn to other aspects of the display, allowing you to tweak the design until it’s perfect.

Placement Is Everything

In addition to your window displays, you’ll want to have mannequins and strategically placed holiday apparel throughout your store. People often buy products, not out of need, but simply due to the way the product is presented to them. Studies have also found that people are more likely to base purchase decisions on emotion rather than logic. Thus, creating displays and promotions that appeal to the emotions of shoppers is more effective than presenting the product from a practical perspective.

Start with the Right Materials

Much like in the world of theater, a great script is only half the battle. You need the right supplies and decorations to pull the scene together and bring your idea to life. At DollarDays, we offer a diverse area of materials that are ideal for crafting brilliant store displays year-round. With a variety of mannequins to choose from and Christmas decorations galore, you’ll be able to find everything you need to enrapture your audience and generate a buzz around your products. Visit our store today and start shopping!