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Homemade Halloween Decorations

By: Joshua Unseth-- 2010-10-07 1:00 am --

While it's possible to spend an arm and a leg on Halloween decorations to give your home a spooky, scary appearance during the month of October, you can be creative and frugal at the same time by using items that you already have around your house to get your friends and family in the Halloween mood.

The colors that scream "Halloween!" include black, white and orange. Drape black and orange streamers from across interior doorways. Cut out black bats, orange jack o'lanterns and white ghosts out of construction paper and dangle the shapes from the streamers with yarn or thread. For extra fun, print and cut out images of black cats, witches on broomsticks or haunted houses that you find online.

If you have an old quilt or comforter, take out some of the batting and separate it into strands to use as faux spider webs. Hang these in the corners of your home and add cheap plastic spiders or spiders that you have made out of black chenille stems.

Make translucent ghosts to hang on an outdoor tree during dry weather. Blow up one small (2") balloon for each ghost. Unfold gauze from your first aid kit and drape it loosely over the balloon. Paint with a mixture of white glue and water, and add more gauze if necessary. Allow the glue to dry overnight, then draw on spooky features with a permanent marker. Pop the balloon and remove, and hang from branches with fishing line or clear thread.

As it gets close to Halloween, your local fabric shop may put the Halloween-themed fabric on sale. If yours does, pick up a couple of yards of a cotton blend. Hand- or machine-stitch a hem on each side and use as a tablecloth on the days leading up to Halloween. Once the holiday has passed, put the tablecloth away and remember to bring it out next year. You will have a Halloween tablecloth that you can use year after year for roughly the same price that you would have spent on a cheap vinyl one that you would likely throw away.

Decorate your table with glass jars filled with plastic bugs, spiders made from chenille stems or gummy worms. Place black, orange or white candles on the table. Another option is to carve jack o'lanterns and use these to decorate your dining table for a few days. You will need to place them outside after a couple of days have passed in order to keep them fresh for Halloween.