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Hosting Home Parties to Save and Earn Money

-- 2011-08-25 1:00 am --

When you're trying to save money and to embrace a frugal lifestyle, there may be many challenges that you face. Fret not. Here are a few ways to save money will still enjoying your favorite products and services. Host an in-home party and get your friends in on the action. You'll find a lot more money in your wallet at the end of the month.

Have a Clothing Swap Party
This idea works especially well for families with babies or young children who outgrow their clothes quickly. Gather your gently used clothing and accessories and invite a few of your friends to your home to do the same. Give each party-goer a tag with a number equal to the amount of pieces they contributed to the party. Then swap your clothes for their duds, and get an almost-new pair of shoes for your little ones. Host a clothing swap party at the end of each season and gear up on clothes and accessories for the next few months. You will be surprised at the treasures that can be found in your friends' closets.

Have a Toy Swap Party
The same concept as the clothing swap, the toy swap party will save you hundreds of dollars on new toys. Dust off those dolls and give those teddy bears a new fluffing and put them on display at your toy swap party. Tired of the same song from your baby's crib mobile? He'll enjoy a new tune and a change of scenery when you get a new one at your swap party. Invite the children to participate and make a fun day out of it.

Host a Craft Party
Are you good at making soap? Do you have a friend that's a whiz at baking or one that sews beautiful aprons? Host a craft party in your home and have fun while earning a few extra dollars on the side. Set up your living room to resemble a boutique display table and allow your "vendors" to sell their wares. Serve light refreshments and pocket some extra cash in the process. Collect one freebie from each of your guests as their "vendor fee." Craft parties are great at any time of the year, but are especially popular during the holiday season when people are shopping for gifts for friends and family.

Host a Spa Day
Tired of spending hundreds of dollars every month on spa treatments, manicures, pedicures and hair-styling?
Purchase low-cost bottles of nail polish, facial masques, and makeup. Treat yourself and your friends to a day of pampering and skip the salon. Try out different styles and colors and experiment from the comfort of your living room. As an admission fee, ask each guest to bring their favorite nail polish or makeup to share with the group. A spa day is a great way to bond with your friends without the expense of the salon. No tip necessary!

Hosting a home party is a great way to enjoy the company of friends while saving money on clothing, toys and beauty treatments. With just a small investment of time and space, you can save hundreds of dollars every month while enjoying your favorite luxuries.