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How College Kids Can Reduce the Financial Burden of Back-to-School Supplies

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-07-06 8:00 am --

Summer break is upon us, which has led to college students everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief. Finally, three months to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, work to save money, and spend time with family and friends. However, along with being a college student comes inevitable financial stress. Not only do you have student loan debt to worry about, but you also have to find a way to make ends meet in your day to day life.

School supplies can pose an additional financial burden. In fact, the College Board estimates that college students, on average, are spending $1,200 per year on books and supplies. That’s enough for a down payment on a new car! Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find remarkable deals on everything you need for college, so you can eliminate financial stressors and enjoy your summer to the max.

Buy Textbooks Used

College entails a lot of expensive books and equipment to thrive. College textbooks range in price but some can cost upwards of $200. For four classes each semester, that’s $800 on books alone. Fortunately, every book you need can be found used for a fraction of the cost. Many students will be selling their textbooks to the campus bookstore, on websites like eBay and Amazon, and at local thrift stores.

Reducing the Cost of Electronics

Textbooks are undoubtedly a crushing cost, but what about electronics? With the need for laptops, tablets, phones, and scientific calculators, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on electronics alone. Fortunately, you can get refurbished electronics for much cheaper than their newer counterparts, enabling you to get a MacBook in great condition, for only a couple hundred dollars.

Buy All Your Back-to-School Supplies in Bulk to Save Big

So textbooks and electronics are undeniably composing a large part of the expenses, but where is the rest of the money going to? Supplies! With the need for multiple binders, folders, and an endless array of pens, not to mention your protractors and rulers, you need a way to cut the costs of everyday supplies. Fortunately, you can buy all of these necessities in bulk from online wholesalers. This enables you to purchase your supplies at cost, saving a lot of money overall. For the best possible deals, round up your friends and pool your resources together, so you can purchase greater quantities upfront.

Return to School in Style without Breaking the Bank

Upon the return to school, it’s not only books and supplies you’re in need of, but new clothing as well. After all, for most college students, fashion isn’t optional. With the rise of boutique clothing stores, you can easily source designer labels for a fraction of the price, allowing you to return to school in style, while remaining within a tight budget.

Everybody knows college tuition is costly, but the expenses don’t end there. Students are spending about $1,200 on books and supplies, and this doesn’t even factor in electronics. Wholesale suppliers are dedicated to providing college students with the lowest prices on a range of back-to-school supplies, so you can access quality school gear at the lowest available prices. Browse our back-to-school selection today, and start saving money on your education.