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How Teachers Can Begin Bracing Themselves for the Back-to-School Frenzy

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-08-03 7:00 am --

Summer is flying by, and it’s just a few more weeks before the new school year begins. There is no time more chaotic in the life of a teacher than those first couple weeks back. Not only can it be a challenge to get yourself back into your daily routine, but the children are often bouncing off the walls from their summer away. Here are some tips to brace yourself for the back-to-school frenzy, so things can feel a little calmer and the transition is a bit more seamless. 

Create a Back-to-School Checklist

There are so many tasks required to sufficiently prepare for school, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Prepare a checklist in advance to ensure nothing is left out. This will help you map out all of your classroom responsibilities, so you’ll be more prepared come the first day of school.

Plan for the Worst

Teachers know more than most the importance of ample preparation. Children are unpredictable beings, and you need to be prepared for every possible circumstance. Have classroom protocols in place for how you’ll respond to rowdy children, classroom conflicts, unfocused children, children with separation anxiety, and other common problems. There are always at least a couple children who have a harder time transitioning back to school, and without a proper plan in place, these children can pose a distraction to the rest of the class.

See the World through the Eyes of a Child

When children first make their return back to school, they are often more energetic and have a harder time focusing. Over the course of the summer, their lives aren’t as routine or disciplined, which makes it difficult for them to acclimate to the classroom environment. They’ll be so excited to reconvene with friends and catch up, they’ll likely have trouble staying quiet and attentive.

Get on their level and cater to this increased energy by creating an initial lesson plan that gradually eases them back into classroom work. For the first week, encourage more group work and activities, ice-breaker exercises, and hands-on work that will engage them both mentally and physically, while allowing them to interact with their peers.

Build a Classroom Webpage or Update Your Old Webpage

One of the most difficult parts of being a teacher is ensuring all children are equipped with the tools and resources they need, while ensuring they hold themselves accountable to conquer their work. Many teachers set up their own classroom webpages, which can encourage children to be more responsible with their homework assignments. The webpage can contain links to reading assignments, printable homework assignments, extra credit, homework help, and more, enabling your students to stay connected to the classroom, even from home.

Stock Up on Back-to-School Supplies

It’s always better to have too much than not enough. In the first days of school, children are most likely to forget even the most essential of supplies. Be prepared by having extra school supplies on hand, so all children can remain engaged in the classroom. Stock your class with first aid supplies, art supplies, and classroom tools, so you’re prepared for all possible circumstances. Click here to shop for everything you need for your classroom at low bulk prices.