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How Teachers Can Earn Some Extra Income This Summer

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2016-04-25 8:30 am --

No matter the type of store you run, you can profit greatly by the design of your checkout counter. The average consumer spends about five minutes standing in line at the checkout counter, and that five minutes provides countless opportunities to influence some last minute sales. When a person reaches checkout, they’ve already tackled their shopping list, meaning any remaining expenditures are impulse buys. The vast majority of impulse purchases are for inexpensive items, so keep this in mind as you’re stocking your counter.

Tutor Students

You’ve already got the credentials; now all you need is the clients. You can advertise your tutoring services to parents throughout the school year, so children in need of academic help will know where to turn come summer. You can also promote yourself through online classified listings like Craigslist and local news stations.

Start a Book Club

Starting a children’s book club in your neighborhood can keep your students engaged over summer, while allowing you to pursue your passion for education. You can purchase children’s books in bulk packages to reduce overhead costs and improve your earnings potential.

Teach Abroad

Many foreign countries are eager to hire teachers from the U.S. to teach English and other skills to students. If you have a passion for travel and enjoy helping others, spending the summer teaching English in Thailand or another exotic country could be a phenomenal opportunity. It allows you to earn some extra money, while enjoying a profound and enriching cultural experience.

Sell Goods Online

Selling goods online is a flexible career choice that allows teachers to work when and where they want. It provides the ideal schedule, as teachers can work as frequently as scheduling permits without fretting over an hourly commitment. Additionally, it provides a stable income that allows teachers to earn money throughout the year. It’s best to sell goods that cater to a particular personal passion, so you’ll be more engaged with the work. You can purchase bulk products from online wholesalers and resell them through sites like eBay and Amazon at an increased rate, allowing you to earn money on a schedule that fits your life.

Work at a Summer Camp

Most teachers share the commonality that they love working with children and have a passion for education. Summer camps support both these passions, allowing you to work alongside kids throughout the months of summer, while enriching their lives and teaching valuable life skills.

Become a Copyeditor

Copyediting is an ideal career for teachers with a passion for English. You can work from home, pick your own hours, and enjoy your time indulging in the writing of others. To be successful as a copyeditor, you need to possess impeccable grammar skills and have a sharp eye, so you can catch even the smallest of grammatical errors.

Teaching is a necessary and highly enriching career path, but it sometimes causes financial stress among teachers. There are a variety of flexible career paths that can allow teachers the freedom of working from home, while increasing their annual earnings. To learn more about earning an income from home, click here.