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How to fuel employee productivity this holiday season

By: Maria Werner-- 2015-11-13 3:06 pm --

With every holiday season, retail stores notice an immediate surge in business as holiday shoppers scramble to acquire every item on their list. Yet, in unison with soaring sales, employee productivity tends to noticeably decline, as employees shift their focus to the festivities ahead. Unfortunately, this waning productivity prevents many small businesses from harnessing the full potential of holiday sales. Here are a few tips to keep employees on task this winter. 

  1. Create an attractive and festive workspace. Employees are more likely to disengage from their work if they feel uninspired by their surroundings. A case study conducted on private sector corporations found that workplace design has the potential to considerably impact the creativity and performance of employees. It has the added benefit of creating a more enticing ambiance for consumers. Consider decorating the store with seasonal décor that will excite employees, while improving their workplace satisfaction. Wholesale Christmas decorations will allow you to deck the halls of your store in a colorful display, while having minimal impact on your business budget.

  2. Shake up the workplace. When employees become bored with the task at hand, both efficiency and quality suffer. Performing the same monotonous routine daily will take its toll on employee morale and cause many staff members to grow disillusioned with their jobs. Seize the spirit of the holidays by offering engaging diversions from the typical 9-to-5. Throw a holiday party or luncheon, invite staff members to help decorate the store, abandon the boring office walls and conduct meetings in a neighboring café; anything that steps outside the norm and encourages positivity in the workplace will inspire and invigorate staff members.

  3. Reward productivity. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that individuals who feel valued at work experience an increase in workplace engagement, motivation, and satisfaction. By routinely expressing gratitude for each employee, not only will you strengthen your rapport, you’ll also enhance the performance of your team. Consider offering seasonal incentives, like small gifts or candy, to reward productivity. Hang stockings for each staff member and add a gift to the stocking after every week of great work. With a variety of wholesale stocking stuffers at bulk prices, you can bring holiday cheer to the workplace and encourage productivity throughout the season.

  4. Be a positive role model. In order for employees to stay on task, it helps to see that their boss is buckling down as well. While integrating seasonal festivities into the workplace, use your own work ethic to gently remind employees that there is still a lot that needs to be done.

  5. Be realistic. Given the average U.S. shopper is expected to spend nearly $800 in holiday gifts, the demands on labor will increase substantially. If it seems impossible to get everything done, don’t immediately assume the problem is employee inefficiency. It could simply be your increased sales. Many retailers hire seasonal help for the holidays to allow them to support the influx of shoppers easily.

The holidays are here, and employees are gearing up to relax with family and sip cocoa by the fire. As temperatures drop and festivities rise, many employees would rather be playing in the snow than spending the day at the office. However, with an increased demand on retailers, it’s more essential than ever to ensure that employees remain focused and productive. With the help of some seasonal incentives, festive décor, and innovative workplace habits, employers can squeeze every last drop of creativity from their staff and enjoy a more profitable and rewarding Christmas.