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How to Host a Bingo Fundraiser for Your Nonprofit

By: Brittany Engelmann-- 2017-05-30 5:05 am --

Hosting a bingo fundraiser for your nonprofit can be fun and a great way to get face-time with your supporters in a casual setting. Bingo fundraisers are easy to plan, have endless possibilities and can be made to fit virtually any theme.

Follow these 7 steps to organize a fun bingo fundraiser for your nonprofit.

Decide how your will raise money

One of the advantages of hosting a bingo fundraiser is that there are so many ways to run your night and raise money for your organization.

When planning your fundraiser, decide how you want your supporters to give. Whether it’s by charging admission, selling supply kits or asking for a donation directly, be ready to make your ask.

And don’t be afraid to explore opportunities for indirect gifts, such as a portion of the evenings proceeds from a host restaurant or the sale of raffle tickets.

Pick your theme

Picking a theme to go along with your bingo night fundraiser can add an extra element of fun. Find a theme that compliments your mission or something you know that your supporters will enjoy.

Recruit a host

Find a host for your bingo night. Your host will be in charge of calling numbers, declaring winners and keeping the crowd engaged. Recruit a local celebrity, charismatic board member or staff member with an outgoing personality.

Showcase your work and mission

Whether it’s part of the evenings events or in the form of a display table, be sure to highlight the work your organization is doing. Remember that while a bingo night is a casual event, that doesn’t mean your supporters don’t want to hear about what their donations are accomplishing.

Partner with local sponsors

There are many opportunities for partnering with sponsors for a bingo fundraiser. Partnerships can range from in-kind donations (such are food or supplies), direct sponsorship, facility hosting, or donation of prizes.

Promote your fundraiser

Next, promote your fundraiser through all of your communication channels. Work with a graphic designer to create a flyer and postcard that can be distributed physically and digitally. Distribute postcards and flyers at local establishments, on community boards, to your email list and on social media and distribute a press release.

Buy your supplies

Once you have your bingo fundraiser planned, don’t forget to purchase your supplies! DollarDays has everything you need to host your bingo night fundraiser. Whether you’re looking for a bingo set, markers, or bingo game sheets, our dedicated sales team will work with you to get you what you need at great prices. If we don't have what you want, we'll go out and find it.

Let our team help you through the shopping, checkout, and post-purchase process. With over 260,000 products on our site today, we're confident we can fulfill your requests.