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How to prepare for your first year of teaching

By: Jessica Urgiles-- 2015-08-09 12:00 pm --

You’ve crossed the graduation stage, turned your tassel and are clutching that hard-earned diploma after four years of classes, internships and student teaching. Now the real work begins! Starting your career is frightening for any new grad, but teachers have the added pressure of shaping the minds of future generations. The transition from student to teacher is a difficult one. Here’s how to prepare for your first year of teaching:

Plan like a pro

Much of your success as a new teacher will depend on how well you plan your days. Not only will having a lesson plan help combat any anxiety you’re feeling, but it serves as a road map to the first year of your career. Lesson planning is a learned skill that will change over time as you find your teaching groove, but it’s important to experiment with different strategies to find the one that’s the most effective.

Ask for help

All of your colleagues were once first-year teachers, too. Find people to turn to for help and mentorship. Rely on their expertise to guide you through the most challenging year of your career. Your students won’t care that you’re borrowing ideas from other teachers. While you’ll feel like the new kid at school, in the eyes of your students, you’re no less knowledgeable than every other teacher at your school.

Learn to shop wisely

Up until this point, you’ve joined parents and students in shopping for school supplies in stores. The countless aisles of notebooks, pens and markers were a staple of the back-to-school season. Things are vastly different now since you have a tight budget (and will likely need to dig into your own pockets) to get supplies for your entire classroom. Veteran teachers are privy to the budget-friendly solution of buying wholesale school supplies. Don’t make a rookie mistake - invest in quality items that will last you through the year and buy them in bulk to save as much as possible.